Monthly Archive: April 2013

Arianna Huffington faces lawsuit for Trashing Historic Apartment

Arianna Huffington founder and editor of the Huffington Post is in court again. This time it’s not for upsetting bloggers but rather trashing her rented apartment. Ex-landlord Eric Steel, a documentary maker and stepson of a famous New York Architect, is suing Huffington $500,000 to cover damages which are reported to include a blood covered mattress, gouges in the walls, scratches all over the floors, stains in the bathroom and candle wax and make-up covered window seats. The condition of the apartment is alleged to be the result of numerous big parties that Huffington (aged 63) hosted at the residence. Pictures from twitter show Huffington enjoying catered parties at what seems to be the apartment. High profile guests including Rupert Murdoch feature in some of the photos. Because the apartment was designed by step dad Charles Gwathmey, Steel’s famous architect step dad, it has historic value. Due to its somewhat delicate nature, Huffington was asked not to use the apartment for business matters or parties and she even signed a contract agreeing that she wouldn’t allow more than 12 guests into the apartment at any one time. Huffington denies the allegations, “Every single claim in this suit is false except the square footage and the address”. In her defense, it is rather difficult to imagine Rupert Murdoch doing a Charlie Sheen style room trashing let alone gouging the walls. But then again, I wouldn’t put it past him. Maybe he was just trying to hack Huffington’s phone line.… Read more