Monthly Archive: August 2015

When Neither Your Workplace or Their Insurance is on Your Side

Dad was afraid to hire a solicitor. He knew they did not come cheap. He is right about that. They are professionals who earn their keep. However, I explained to him about no win no fee solicitors who will take a case if it has merit, pay to file any paperwork and to do investigations for evidence and not charge any money unless they win a settlement. That all sounds great, and it basically is. However, you want to make sure you hire a great solicitor versus a mediocre one. There are plenty of firms out there that have no win no fee solicitors. Do not just settle for any of them. Pick the best that will take your case. Now there is also something else you need to understand. You really do need a good case. If it is very questionable, or if you are trying to game the system, you are not going anywhere.… Read more

The Chance to Have a Life in the United States

The services offered by immigration lawyers in the USA are of great assistance when a person makes a decision to immigrate to the USA. The best immigration attorney in NYC can determine the most suitable visa category for you. They offer you an interactive, innovative, and easy-to-use questionnaire that asks for all the basic facts and information required to start your visa process. In addition to the above, the lawyers assist with investor visas, litigation and appeals, consular processing, permanent residence, student visas, and global visas. They also handle naturalization procedures of foreign nationals who wish to become US citizens, and legal issues associated with refugees. They advise clients on employment verification, government audits and investigations. Additionally, they obtain green cards for clients and advise them on strategic ways to obtain them fast.… Read more