When Neither Your Workplace or Their Insurance is on Your Side

Dad was afraid to hire a solicitor. He knew they did not come cheap. He is right about that. They are professionals who earn their keep. However, I explained to him about no win no fee solicitors who will take a case if it has merit, pay to file any paperwork and to do investigations for evidence and not charge any money unless they win a settlement. That all sounds great, and it basically is. However, you want to make sure you hire a great solicitor versus a mediocre one.

There are plenty of firms out there that have no win no fee solicitors. Do not just settle for any of them. Pick the best that will take your case. Now there is also something else you need to understand. You really do need a good case. If it is very questionable, or if you are trying to game the system, you are not going anywhere. My dad lost use of his arm due to a piece of faulty equipment that was not repaired or maintained according to the manufacturer’s recommendations or even company policy. There is even surveillance footage of the machine failing. It was pretty much an open an shut case.

However, dad was basically quietly threatened by his work. They sent him letters telling him how he was going to lose benefits and his job if he did not return to work. He could barely move his right arm now, but they were just looking to get him to quit. They had a responsibility for this beyond what the insurance company offered to pay. Dad knew he could not afford to give insurance money to the solicitor, so that is why we looked for no win no fee solicitors. Dad won his claim against the company and was able to go after more than just their insurance. Now he does not have to worry about going back to work with an arm that will never work right again.