Monthly Archive: October 2015

Patient Information About Prescription Drug Lawsuits

There have been many situations where patients receiving prescription medications have had bad reactions. The most known reactions to medications are the allergic ones. This is where the person’s body treats the medication as if it was an invader. Allergic reactions can lead to anaphylactic shock which is life-threatening. Other things can happen with prescribed drugs that are equally unintended such as what has been happening to lead to the Xarelto lawsuit claims being filed. Xarelto is supposed to thin the blood to prevent clots that can cause strokes. It can be a lifesaving medication for those who are at a very high risk for strokes due to clots. All medications have risks, but sometimes some serious reactions begin to occur with medications that were not expected or were not noticed during safety trials. For Xarelto it seems there is the possibility of severe bleeding occurring. What needs to be worked out in court is a lot of details that will take expert legal counsel to help with. The drugs in the class of blood thinners come with warnings that bleeding like that can occur in some people.… Read more