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Truck Accident Cases Can Be Difficult, Seek Help from a Truck Accident Lawyer in Beverly Hills Now!





More often than not, these truck drivers have been driving the road for days and they only get a few hours for rest or sleep. This means that these truck drivers can be dangerous for other people on the road because their level of attention has already decreased and may lead to a collision with other drivers. If you find yourself involved in a collision with large trucks in California, a truck accident lawyer in Beverly Hills may help you with your conundrum.

The size of these trucks is one major factor in its navigation than that of motorcycles or cars that is why these truck drivers are more at risk as compared to other drivers on the road. Other factors that increase the risk of collision for these trucks are blind spots and longer braking times because of their size, thus, if you are driving around them, it is imperative that you take extra precautions in order to avoid a collision.

Main Reasons Causing Truck Accidents as Found by the Federal Motor Carrier Administration or FMCSA

  • Driver error has been found to be one of the top reasons why truck accidents occur and these are mostly because the drivers are either exhausted, distracted, or have been speeding.
  • Vehicular malfunction is another reason why truck accidents happen and this is mostly because of maintenance problems like issues with the truck tires or the brakes.
  • Other environmental interferences like harsh weather conditions e.g. heavy rain or strong winds what can lead to road accidents.

Out of these, driver error comprises 87% of road accidents, and the most common vehicles and trucks that are involved in California accidents are buses, cargo trucks, vans, tractor-trailers, trash trucks, fire trucks, construction trucks, and civic trucks.

Injuries Commonly Caused by Truck Accidents

There are about 200,000 people that suffer from truck injuries in the United States every year. Some of the most common injuries that these people endure because of truck accidents are injuries in the head, damage to the spine, traumatic brain injury, whiplash, rashes that are obtained from the road, internal bleeding, or amputation.

When one is caught in an accident, one will usually experience an adrenaline rush after such a catastrophic accident, and this adrenaline rush will usually mask the full effects of the injury which is why it is important to have immediately sought medical attention no matter what you feel, even if you think that you don’t need one.

Compensations that a Truck Accident Victim Can Claim in California

If the accident does not involve trucks, one of the drivers and their insurance will mostly cover for the accident. But, it will be a different case when it comes to truck accidents because these truck drivers are usually employees of a large company or part of a large union.

In truck accidents, a lot of people will be involved, however, you will still be able to be given monetary compensation, and compensation can even be provided for medical bills, monetary loss because of inability to work, mental and physical distress caused by the accident, and necessary vehicular repairs.

How Can a Truck Accident Lawyer Help You

  • The lawyer will determine the extent of liability in the truck accident case

Cases involving truck accidents are now becoming more complex as compared to vehicle crash cases. Although it may seem that it is the truck driver that is the only party at fault, however, such is not the case because there is more than one party that should be held accountable for your loss and injuries.

If the truck driver involved is an independent contractor of a larger trucking company, then there can be an issue as to how much supervision does the company executes over these contractors.

There might be instances that a part of the truck malfunctions during transport which caused the accident, this can mean that the manufacturer of the truck or the company manufacturing the part will bear some of the liability.

Thus, by hiring a truck accident lawyer, he or she will assist you in identifying all of the liable parties in your case and hold them responsible at the same time.

  • The truck accident lawyer can help you build a more compelling case

Your truck accident lawyer will help you with compiling a claim to the insurance company or present your case to a jury in court, while you will be focused on your own recovery.

The lawyer will help with the investigation and collection of evidence in your case, and this will include police reports, videos, photos that are from the scene of the accident,  any data from the electronic information system of the truck, statements from an eyewitness, testimony from experts, and many more.

The lawyer will also gather and compile all of your medical bills and expenses that are related to the injuries including any documents that are going to prove loss and damages.

The lawyer will also help in identifying all of the potentially liable parties including insurance carriers. The truck accident lawyer will be the one who will negotiate with the insurance companies in order for you to get a fair settlement.

  • The truck accident lawyer will help you prove your truck accident case

Even though you know that you are not the party at fault in the accident, you must still be able to prove this in either your insurance claim or in court. In personal injury cases that involve vehicular accidents, there are four basic elements of negligence that you must be able to prove, and these are:

  • That the truck driver has a duty to be cautious, thus to drive reasonably and safely
  • That the duty of care has been breached or violated by the truck driver
  • You or your loved one suffered injuries by reason of the breach of care
  • There have been damages or losses incurred by you or your loved ones

There are two categories of compensation that you will receive when it comes to a personal injury lawsuit and these are economic or non-economic. Examples of economic damages are expenses from hospitalization, loss of income, and damage to property. Examples of non-economic damages, on the other hand, include pain and suffering, mental anguish, inability to enjoy activities you normally engage in, and loss of consortium.

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