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How Can a Houston Drug Crimes Attorney Help in Dealing with Possession Crimes?





It is bad luck if you have been charged with a drug crime in Houston, Texas. The prosecutor has the State’s resources backing them, and you’ll certainly feel desperate.

The trick lies in contacting a good Houston drug crimes attorney who can help. You never know; your attorney may help get the charges reduced or waived off completely. 

Benefits of Hiring a Houston Drug Crimes Attorney

Let’s face facts first. Houston witnesses the highest abuse of drugs like meth, cocaine, heroin, and marijuana. The amount of meth seized by the authority rose to 420% in the city in the past. According to the National Drug Threat Assessment in 2019, Houston is one of the six cities where heroin availability has increased substantially in one year. 

Without the help of an experienced attorney, your future looks very bleak. It is not easy defending a client for drug possession in a Houston courtroom. The law is not lenient, and drug possession penalties are rather stiff. Only a knowledgeable and experienced Athens Drug Crime Lawyer can build a strong defense and get you off the hook. 

Your attorney has to put in a lot of effort even before getting into the courtroom to defend you. They have to go through every shred of evidence and decide which will stand in the court. 

Here are the benefits of hiring a reasonable attorney at a glance:

  • Knows the legal system
  • Has valuable contacts
  • Is a skillful negotiator
  • Has resources at hand

Knows the Legal System

Your Houston drug crimes attorney should be one of the best with years of law school education and courtroom experience. Only such an attorney can build a strong case based on the evidence and precedents available. 

Having a thorough understanding of the legal system is of utmost importance. Merely going by the book never helps. An experienced attorney is expected to be well versed in the Houston criminal jurisprudence. Such a rich experience can be gained only through real-time experience and after years of practice in the same area. 

Has Valuable Contacts

While this may be your first or second encounter with the law, your attorney is a seasoned person who has handled many such cases. They are familiar with the system and would have built a good rapport with the prosecutors they meet on a day-to-day basis. 

Such familiarity comes in handy while handling defense cases as your Houston drug crimes attorney will know if the prosecutor is a strict upholder of law who doesn’t believe in making deals or is somewhat open to making deals to dispose of the case. Whatever your attorney agrees to, your interests will come first. 

Is a Skillful Negotiator

Your Houston drug crimes attorney has to be a skilled negotiator capable of convincing the prosecutor to agree to reduce the charges. More often than not, the reduction of charges leads to dismissal of the case. 

However, negotiations cannot happen overnight. Your attorney will start negotiating soon after you hire her or him. From then on, you need to listen to every word your attorney utters and follow his instructions to the letter. Unless you do this, you don’t stand a chance of getting off with a warning or a sermon on the merits of good behavior. 

Has Resources at Hand

A good attorney will have a set of contacts and valuable resources as a backup. She or he may have to retain an experienced investigator’s services to collect evidence from countering the prosecutor’s claims. Your case may require expert testimony as the drug in question has to be proved an illegal or dangerous drug.  

Summing it Up

A shocking NSDUH report indicates that over 490,000 (11.8 percent of Houston- Sugar Land -Baytown population) persons aged 12 or older used illicit drugs.  When you are in trouble with the law, it is advisable to hire the best legal brains. With drug abuse and distribution becoming very common, false charges or mistaken identification cannot be ruled out. It is better to be safe than sorry. Look for an experienced Board Certified attorney who will get you out of the jam.

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