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How to Build a Good Online Presence for your Law Agency



Build a Good Online Presence for your Law Agency

Build a Good Online Presence for your Law Agency

In business, it is vital to gain popularity to ensure you get clients. Business popularity has always been difficult to attain. However, the onset of digitalization of numerous tasks and their existence online has made things easier for business owners.

In law, gaining awareness is particularly important for any law agency. Awareness is what brings in clients to the agency, ensuring that they have a steady flow of income. In the past, law agencies rely on client recommendations to help them gain new clients.

With modern technologies, law firms can also embrace the use of internet technologies and tools to gain popularity. Online presence for a business is extremely vital in this era because people mostly google their problems and look up solutions online. This is why a law agency needs to have an online presence.

There are a couple of ways that businesses use to build a good online presence. Some of the ways used by normal businesses might not be effective for law agencies. In this article, we highlight how a law agency can build a good online presence.

1. Create a Website

Proper law firm content marketing tactics require that a law agency have its website. A website is the first means of interaction that probable clients have once they search for the agency on a search engine.

A law agency must know that setting up and deploying a shady website will not work. For a law agency to have a good online presence, some website rules must be followed.

The fundamental website rule for law agencies is that the website design must be bespoke. As a law agency, you do not want clients saying that your website adopts the design of another law agency. This is a common occurrence when a law firm opts to use website templates for developing its website.

Hire a skilled web designer and developer who will develop your website from the ground up, with its bespoke design. The website’s design should incorporate the color scheme of the law firm’s branding. On the website, you should also use bespoke graphics, i.e., images and graphic patterns. The reason behind this is similar to that of having a bespoke website design. It makes your website unique as compared to the rest.

Another key factor to keep in mind when setting up the website for the law agency is its optimization. Unlike in the past when internet traffic was from computers only, people now use various device types to access websites. Ensure that you instruct the hired web developer to allow the website to adapt to various device types and screen sizes.

2. Search Engine Optimization

Setting up a website is a small fraction of improving the online presence of your law firm. Once you have designed and deployed the website, the next crucial task is getting the website to be among the first results once anyone searches.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) entails optimizing all website content to rank higher on search engines. Though there are different search engines in the market, their content optimization rules are mostly similar.

A vital aspect of SEO is using the appropriate keywords for content put up on your website. In this case, the website will be for a law agency. Look up the popular keywords that internet users use when searching for law agencies online. Once you find the relevant keywords, you should use them wisely in your website posts.

Wise use of keywords means that you should not spam your readers with keywords on website posts. Just ensure you use the keywords well and include them in areas where they are relevant, therefore will sound organic.

3. Online Directory Profile

Online directories are databases of businesses and professionals. They act as an easy way for people to look up various professionals or service provision businesses. Online directories were meant to replace the conventional directories that would be written in books. Online directories, however, have the added advantage of allowing people to leave reviews of the services they received.

As a law agency seeking to build a good online presence, you should ensure that you are registered on the popular online directories. By creating a profile on popular online directories such as Google my business, you build the agency’s online presence.

When creating the agency’s account on online directories, you will have to upload a couple of details. The required details include the agency’s logo, and agency name alongside its brief description, the location, working hours, and contact information.

When looking for online directories to list the agency, consider factors such as whether it is a free or paid listing. In most cases, businesses ought to go for the free listing due to budget limitations and preference to spend the marketing budget on other tasks.

4. Social Media Profiles

With half of the global population on social media, it would be unwise for any business to disregard social media presence. In this generation that has seen a boom in social media usage, social media sites are an easy way for businesses to build a good online presence.

As a law agency, you ought to create social media profiles on all social media platforms. When creating the profiles, ensure you remain relevant based on the social media platform. If you are creating a social media account on LinkedIn, the profile description and posts should remain professional. This is because LinkedIn is mostly considered a community of professionals.

On social media platforms that are used for sharing life experiences through photos and videos, create an agency profile that is a bit casual. Staying relevant based on the social media platform is essential to ensure that the account is relatable and therefore gains a following.

Once you have established social media accounts on various platforms, you should not leave them dormant. To gain an active following on the agency’s social media accounts, the accounts should have someone to regularly post on them. Regularly posting on social media accounts improves your visibility because you are working towards the aim of the algorithm.

Regular social media posts should be relatable based on the target audience of that specific platform. The social media posts should not be copy pasted across all accounts. The posts can be addressing the same point but in different methods. For social media platforms that allow the posting of videos and stories, ensure you make use of these features too.

5. Blogging

Blogging is the best way to attract visitors to your agency’s website. Once your website gains a high number of visitors, its ranking on search engines will increase.

When blogging, it is advisable to have a content schedule. This will ensure consistency on your website and it will attract regular site visitors who enjoy the blog posts. Blog posts can be regarding anything as long as it relates to legal practice.

When writing blog posts, you should aim to ensure that your blogs do not have a lot of jargon and are not complex. These will make the posts hard to read and understand for every website visitor. You should aim to ensure that your blog posts can be easily understood by anyone.

6. Digital Newsletters

Digital newsletters, popularly categorized under email marketing help build a business’s online presence. Sending digital newsletters to subscribed mail recipients on your website is a good way to keep interested parties aware of the agency’s progress. The best frequency to send digital newsletters is monthly.

The monthly newsletters can point out factors such as the significant milestones accomplished during that month, court cases won, etc. Digital newsletters can significantly help your agency build a good and reputable online presence. Digital newsletters can also be used by clients who are referring your agency to their friends and family. During referrals, your existing clients can forward the monthly newsletters to show the agency’s accomplishments.

7. Online Advertising

Building an online presence can be a tough task, especially for a law agency that has just started. However, this can be made easier through the use of online advertising. Online advertising exists in different formats.

You can pay for advertising on various search engines. This will get your website as the first search result when a relevant search keyword is used. Another form of online advertising is paying to promote the agency’s social media pages. This will get your agency’s social media pages visible to numerous people, thereby increasing your reach and presence.

Another form of online advertising is the use of social influencers to spread the word about your law agency to their audience. Depending on the needed results, either of the above options is a valid online advertising method.


When building an online presence for your law agency, you have to keep in mind that the common disadvantages of online presence will now apply to you. Online presence places your law agency in a position whereby they will have to appeal to the public if any unsatisfied customer posts a bad review. If a client shares negative information about the agency, you ought to accept fault if it is your mistake or address it as a fake allegation. This will help the agency maintain a good online presence.

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