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Top ways solo law firm marketing can help grow firm cases



Law firm marketing

Law firm marketing

Well, settle in because we have made a fairly complete article with all the techniques you need to get clients faster than the wind. It is clear that if you are reading this, it is because you need to grow your client portfolio as a solo law firm.

Whether you are a recent law graduate, an employed lawyer who wants to ride his ball or a law firm that does not just have as many clients as it would like.

We have the best techniques to attract customers, be better than the competition and constantly generate customers without searching for them. With these techniques, customers will come to you for your insights and not for your advertising.

What’s more, the clients themselves will recommend you to others and thus in a constant flow of happy clients.

How to get new clients for you or your solo law firm?

1: Create the perfect Marketing Plan

Once you have your brand, defined potential customer, and website ready to go, you will want to promote your solo law firm. But how you promote your law firm depends on your marketing goals.

Your marketing goals should be driven by the desire to solve your ideal customer’s problems. Keeping goals in mind helps create a more specific legal marketing plan so that you can attract the right customer for your niche and stay on top of their marketing analysis. And for that purpose, you also hire a law firm marketing agency that helps you in the whole marketing process. 

2: What makes you unique as a lawyer or law firm?

Sincerity is your best weapon here.

What you need (or your law firm) is to determine what makes you unique to other lawyers or firms, that indeed you have several things to be proud of.

What we will do is find those brand qualities that you already have; be it your location, your niche, that special and close treatment that you offer to your clients or your prices (they are never prices).

And, you will discover how your customers will value those first three qualities much more than price.



3: Who is your direct competition?

Stick with what they do right and learn from what they do wrong

This we always say. You need to know your competition equal to or better than you know yourself. When that happens, you can use that competitive advantage that makes customers prefer you over others.

In other words, we must “attack” our competition in its weak points, and for that we need to know it well.

The first thing we can do is find out who our direct competition is to search on Google.

4: Build your page with an SEO oriented to your keywords

Having an SEO structure for our website oriented to our keywords will help Mr. Google to “understand” that our website has a lot of value for our keyword (e-commerce lawyers, for example).

But what is SEO?

SEO is the optimization of search engines like Google, Yahoo or others.

That is, you go before Google if your content is the best for your keyword.

SEO is the practice of making your website search engine friendly (“optimizing” your website) to help it rank higher.

Those specific pages that you have created must be optimized with a fundamental on-page SEO.

5: Do local Marketing

What is Local Marketing?

Well, it is very simple; it is a marketing strategy that consists of focusing the actions in a specific geographical location and trying to attract customers in a small market segment.

The point is that local marketing strategies are aimed only at a particular and limited audience of potential users. And of course, it is easier and more precise to hire a suitable person for our marketing campaign. 

The vast majority are small companies that want to increase their number of clients slowly but surely.

6: Show your happy customers to the world

Nothing sells better than a happy customer, that’s the law.

But in this cold world, we live in it is important to make it clear when we have done well, as that will help us convert more potential customers.

If you search the internet for OPINION + ANYTHING, I assure you that you will find a million and it is because especially in expensive purchases we feel insecure before spending.

And that many people need a thousand of opinions to decide before buying anything. The point is that people like to see how other people have fared before us , what are now called reviews. To find out more about solo law firm marketing click here.

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