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5 Best Furniture Removal Services in the US



Whenever you look online for furniture removal services, you’ll only find some near you. It’s certainly great. What if you moved to another state and were happy with the service in the state you lived before? Strangely, not all removal services show up in your search. One of those US-wide services could be near you, but it magically disappears from your search results. Find the best furniture removal services that operate all over the US, like this company.

Jiffy Junk

Back in 2014, Robert Polumbo and Adam Butler founded Jiffy Junk in New York. At first, they only served Nassau County and Suffolk County, but soon expanded across thirteen States in the US. Since bulky items are always the most difficult to handle during furniture removal, they’ve specialized in removing large home appliances, mattresses, and even hot tub removal. However, they’re also happy to take care of your old clothing or to provide you with dumpster rentals. Moreover, they offer to remove construction debris and carpet removals. For businesses, 

Jiffy Junk does commercial removal and office cleanouts. With the ongoing pandemic, they’ve added disinfecting and sanitizing services. Those are rather handy after a property cleanout for your next tenant. You can get a free estimate for furniture removal online or via phone. To make sure, the estimate is correct, they prefer to send a team to your home to take a look at the actual state of things. If you were okay with their services and fees, they can remove your stuff right away. Of course, they are fully licensed and insured, and as soon their teams return with your old furniture to their site, they donate items in your name. All other junk they send to a recycling center and dispose of according to code. To protect the environment, Jiffy Junk makes sure that there’s only a tiny amount going to the landfill. 


1-800-Got-Junk? has been around since 1989 when founder Brian Scudamore visited his hometown during college. He saw a junk-hauling truck and immediately wanted to open his own business. At first, his junk removal service ‘The Rubbish Boys’ was only supposed to help him with college fees. But the spontaneous idea turned into a much larger enterprise renamed to 1-800-Got-Junk?, serving sixteen states all over the US today. They don’t only help with furniture removal, but also with moving, storage, disaster cleanups as well as commercial cleanouts. That means that they basically take everything beyond furniture, which includes E-waste, home appliances, mattresses, exercise equipment, and even pianos. 

Should you be about to renovate or build an extension, they’re happy to help you with a dumpster rental and removal of construction waste. 1-800-Got-Junk? Offers no contact furniture removals you can schedule via their hotline. A team will be on the way for your scheduled appointment and they’ll give you a free estimate on site. Of course, they make sure not to remove any items you wish to keep. You’ll only pay them once the job is done, a sweeping included.

JDog Junk Removal 

JDog Junk Removal is currently offering its services in 28 states across the US. While it is a typical furniture removal service, there’s something special about it. JDog Junk removal has focused on providing veterans with job opportunities. Veterans receive with JDog Junk Removal a new perspective in their lives. To make the transition from times in-service easier, they also provide franchise opportunities to encourage more job opportunities Furthermore, they have their own foundation, the JDog Foundation, to improve the lives of military veterans all over the country.

Apart from hazardous waste, they’re happy to haul out anything from your property, be it furniture, mattresses, or scrap metal. To deliver as little to landfills, JDog Junk Removal donates and recycles up to 80 % of their removals. You can easily book JDog Junk Removal online or if you give them a call. Before they arrive in time at your doorstep, they do, of course, forward a free estimate to you. Their fees include labor, travel, and disposal which are based on the volume and weight of your furniture. 

College Hunks Hauling Junk & Moving

In summer 2013, Omar Soliman helped out his mom in a furniture store in Washington during summer break from college. Most of the time when they delivered new furniture, customers would ask if they could also do furniture removal. That’s when he came up with a plan and spontaneously opened a junk removal service with his friend Nick Friedman. They made 8.000 $ just in that summer but had to return to college. However, Omar’s college started an annual Rothschild Entrepreneurship Competition with a prize of a 10.000 $ check. 

Nick and Omar quickly came up with a business plan and won the prize. Once both graduated, they both took the normal path with corporate jobs, though felt unhappy after a short while. As such, they quickly got back to their removal services and managed to establish themselves in 37 States. From furniture to office equipment, mattresses, and renovation debris, they haul away everything you have. You can book their eco-friendly service online through their webpage.

Junk King 

With so many successful stories starting from a garage, Junk King is one of them. They started in 2005 with two friends in San Carlos with the aim to recycle more than any other removal service. In the meantime, they’ve developed to establish 75 franchises in 32 states and more in Canada. Aside from furniture removals, Junk King also takes E-waste and offers dumpster rental services for larger projects. To make free estimates for their services as easy as possible, they offer a pricing estimator directly on their webpage. You can enter all the details you have or text them a photo with your pile. Should the fees sound alright to you, you can directly schedule your removal with them. 

Parting Words For Furniture Removal

Now it’s your turn. Take your time and go the extra mile while doing your research and choose the best company for the job. Don’t only take the cost for their service at face value. Be sure to invest in the service that makes you most comfortable.

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