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5 Tools That Will Take Your Brochure Design Skills To The Next Level 



5 Tools That Will Take Your Brochure Design Skills To The Next Level 

5 Tools That Will Take Your Brochure Design Skills To The Next Level 

Ever since the concepts of marketing evolved, brochures had been the cheapest and the most powerful marketing materials. They let you easily display important details about your product and company in the most attractive ways, getting better reach within the market. When your brochures are designed with catchy taglines and thoughtful information, they tend to attract a notable number of potential buyers, wanting to know more about your business and converting to your customers in the future. So what makes up a successful brochure design?

While there are varying trends and ideas to follow, your task of designing impressive brochures becomes easy when you have the right tools with you. They are the best ways to keep you going without being stuck in the chaos that falls between your creativity and expectations from a specific project.

Best Tools You Can Use For Brochure Design 

  1. Canva 

Canava is one of the most popular, robust designing tools that let you create impactful brochures, presentations, and social media posts with amazing features. This excellent application is jam-packed with various functionalities that may be necessary to take graphic designing to the ultimate best level. You also get access to millions of high-quality vectors, stock images, and clipart along with the option to upload your own.

This software lets you choose from hundreds of beautiful fonts to make your brochure designs and other creations even more effective. Canva is known to be one of the best designing software for a reason. It comes with amazing templates and an interactive user interface allowing you to pour in all your creativity in the brochure or leaflet designs.

Key Features Offered: 

  • Photo straightener tool to keep up with the alignment of images.
  • The option to add text on images inside a voice bubble or simply.
  • Transparency tool to fade the images when needed.
  • Crop the images or a specific portion of the artboard.
  1. Microsoft Publisher 

Microsoft publisher is a good choice to seek help with designing brochures if you were looking for tools specifically from Microsoft. It would be great to check as your PC may have it installed already.

Microsoft Publisher comes with features that allow you to work for a wide variety of publishers including brochure designs in PSD templates, business calendars, greeting cards, newsletters, etc. This application is absolutely easy to use and if you have experience with Microsoft Word, you will have a great time using this one. Being an entry-level publishing software, it is the most suitable for medium and small businesses.

Key Features Offered: 

  • Professional level filters to customize texts, images, and shapes.
  • Great support when dealing with a high-resolution image.
  • Comes at an affordable price with added Microsoft utilities.
  • Helps accurate measurement with the detailed ruler.
  1. Adobe InDesign 

Adobe InDesign is the solution to many of your problems. One of them is how to design e brochure. This application is one of the best products from Adobe that can help you make your product much more compelling. It is frequently updated with new features and removing bugs that ultimately make things better.

If you are already familiar with the other platforms offered by Adobe, this one can really help you in multiple ways. It comes with a linked creative cloud library that can sync easily with any device. This software is perfect to come up with master templates and excellent brochure designs.

Key Features Offered: 

  • Allows you to create responsive brochure designs.
  • Thousands of amazing brochure templates for free.
  • Easy transfer to PDF format.
  • Text frame fitting and customized width of the document.
  1. Adobe Spark 

Adobe Spark is one of the most popular designing tools that can help you with creating eye-catching brochures. It provides user-friendly tools that do not require any hard-core professional knowledge. With this easy-to-use software, you can personalize your brochures by adding background images of your choice.

There are various pre-built templates and inspirational galleries to come up with new ideas. Once you finish making your designs, you can instantly share them on Adobe creative cloud for creating a notable influence.

Key Features Offered:   

  • It comes with thousands of free images and templates.
  • The creative cloud makes it easier to sync documents on any platform.
  • The inspiration gallery helps in creating compelling and trending designs.
  • It has a steep learning curve.
  1. LucidPress 

LucidPress is a powerful editor that helps you come up with futuristic brochure designs. It lets you create designs from scratch or choose a template from thousands of designs and highly customizable stock images. It’s an intuitive software that allows drag-and-drop.

Using this platform, you can collaborate and work on various ideas. You can share your thoughts with other people from wherever you are. The best part here is that its cross-platform software is browser-based. You only need a browser and you can start creating designs instantly.

Key Features Offered: 

  • Enhanced productivity with drag and drop functionality.
  • Pre-made high-quality templates and images.
  • Highly effective end-to-end data encryption and other collaborative tools.

The Ones You Should Be Avoiding 

We also have a few software you should avoid when designing brochures.

Affinity Designer, Illustrator, and Inkscape 

Although these are powerful software programs, they are meant for vector graphic design, logo designs, and illustrations. While you can bend them according to your requirements, you won’t get the best results as the other specialized software can give you.

Corel Draw, Photoshop, Affinity Photo, or Gimp 

These platforms are majorly focused on editing photos and digital images. The best thing they can do is create, modify, and retouch. Those images are based on pixels and brochures designing are rather based on vectorial combinations. Using these tools can turn out to be challenging and time-consuming.

We would suggest looking for tools that meet your specific requirements and save your time and resources instead of wasting them. Although we have mentioned only the top five tools here you can consult brochure designers in Surat to see other options and tools which can work well in your case. Make smart and wise decisions.

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