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Best Guide for The Beginners to Learn Video Editing



Best Guide for The Beginners to Learn Video Editing
Best Guide for The Beginners to Learn Video Editing

Video is an integral part of the content marketing strategies of millions of companies across the world. Today, over 30% of internet traffic comes from videos, and in the coming days, this is expected to rise to 80%. This makes it important for brands to invest in video marketing and choose appropriate online video editor tools.

Luckily, you do need an expert team of editors to set out on a video editing journey. These days, content editing is simpler than ever before. With the right set of tools, novice editors can create high-quality content. Nero Video, iMovie, and several other tools do not require prior editing experience. In this article, we will walk you through a detailed guide to video editing.

The video editor is the most crucial step in the video editing journey of an individual. Beginners need to choose a tool that is intuitive and easily navigable.

Nero Video

Nero Video has a good collection of video effects and tricks that help to give your videos a unique touch. It is meagerly priced and you can access all the features with a lifetime payment of $49.99. The tool is intuitive and the learning curve is smooth making it an ideal choice for novice editors. Nero Video offers high-precision video trimming and merging. For the special effects and video, Nero Video gives you complete control over the video editing.


All Apple devices come in-built with iMovie which is a simple yet elegant editing tool. It has ten fidelity filters that let you complete your video editing in no time. The Airdrop feature allows smooth transfer of edited videos among the different Apple devices. That way, you can edit your video on the go without worrying about losing your data.

The chroma key tool has a green screen feature that allows content creators to change the background of their clips.  The tool is integrated with several audio and social platforms making it easy for you to upload your edited clips on different platforms.


It is a versatile tool that lets you choose from thousands of video templates. It also has automated features to convert textual blogs into videos. This is an online tool and encourages users to collaborate on video creation. InVideo boasts of a huge media library and lets you choose from millions of stock images, video clips, and music files.

The major USP of this tool is its AI-based video assistant. This online video editor automatically analyses the animation speed, text alignment, and other video features to make intelligent suggestions to the user. The tool has a free plan that lets you use all the features and create SD videos. Premium plans start from $15 per month and let you create high-quality content.


Lumen5 is a simple editing tool that lets you create flashy promos in a few clicks. If you have blogs, you can use the automated feature of Lumen5 to turn them into promos. The drag-and-drop interface is ideal for adding video clips, screengrabs, music, GIFs, and other interesting elements to your videos. The free version lets you create unlimited videos in standard 480p resolution. For HD video creation, you must upgrade to premium plans starting at $50 per month.

Corel Video Studio

Beginners who are keen to work on new-age content like virtual reality or 360-degree VR can leverage this video editing tool.  The motion tracking feature of Corel Video Studio lets you track specific objects with the highest precision.  Corel Video Studio has advanced color correction, color grading, and white balance features. With this tool, you can conveniently merge clips and create promotional video content. The only shortcoming of this tool is its slow rendering speed. You can access all the features of this tool by making a one-time payment of $51.99.

Once you have decided on the editing tool, you set out on the journey of video creation. Here are some tips to help you.

  • Make sure that your editing device is compatible with the video editor. Try to go for a device with at least 8GB GAM and an intel i5 or i7 processor. Having an SSD storing device will make the process of data transfer much more seamless.  Using an obsolete computer will slow down the rendering speed. This will be a cause of concern in situations where you need to edit multiple videos in tight schedules.
  • You will find ample video editing tutorials on YouTube and other educational websites. We recommend that you spend time watching such videos or reading relevant blogs. That way, you will be aware of the things in store and can plan your content accordingly. Ideally, watch editing tutorials of the tool that you are using as the functionalities and menu may differ.
  • Tutorials are a great way to pick up on basic skills in the initial days of your video-making journey. Many tutorials let users download the project files. As far as possible, try to use the same project files as your tutorial. That way, you can mimic the tutorial as you pick up new techniques. With experience, you can repeat the process with your video files.
  • While you may be excited, to begin with, the video editing, wait till you chalk out a story. The focus should be on having a basic video outline. A detailed storyboard or video script helps to maintain alignment with the video goals and simplifies the filming. Such as storyboard will detail the transitions and special effects to create visually appealing content. Depending on the video, you may want to prepare a script for your subjects.
  • Adding music to your video helps to give the viewer a context of the video. That way, you set the mood and make the viewer more receptive to the content. Ensure that your choice of background score is relevant to the content. For example, dramatic music complements crime videos while upbeat music syncs better with comedy videos. While adding music, make sure that you have the copyright to use in the production. Picking your music from a royalty-free service provider is a safe option.
  • Video editing is a time-taking journey, and knowing the keyboard shortcuts will simplify the process. Several video editors allow you to personalize the shortcut to your taste. If you are serious about your video-making journey, you can consider investing in a gaming mouse. That way, you can assign the different functions of the mouse to the different editing features and complete the editing in no time. Purchasing an editing keyboard or a replaceable keyboard cover on your existing keyboard are other viable options.
  • A good fraction of internet users have their devices on silent while viewing content. Adding texts to the videos helps to give the viewer a context of the things in store. For the best results, make sure that the text is in clearly readable font and color. Text also tells the search engine about the video and helps to improve its digital visibility. Most editing tools let you add subtitles, closed captioning, and text overlays to your videos.

Video creation is a highly creative arena. With experience and exposure, you will pick up on the skills and improve the quality of your work. As you set out to create exemplary content, here’s wishing you a smooth learning curve.

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