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British Schools in China



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China is one of the world’s fastest growing countries, providing numerous teaching opportunities to foreign teachers and a conducive learning environment for students. It’s home to spectacular universities, breathtaking natural attractions and entertainment for students studying in the country. China highly regards the various school systems, including the British system, since it provides quality, world-class education to every child regardless of their background. The British system strives to ensure that students achieve academic excellence while pursuing their studies at school.

Reasons for Choosing a British School in China

  • Highly regarded system

The British schools in China are highly recognised and respected by Chinese and international residents since they offer world-class and top-quality education to learners. The British curriculum provides quality education that is highly regarded by universities and governments globally. Employers from different parts of the world search for and recruit students from the British system since it provides excellent skills to learners and prepares them for the working world.

  • Learners are encouraged to study for further education

The British system in China prepares and encourages students to pursue further education. Expats can find suitable teaching jobs in China, which will provide them with an opportunity to teach the British curriculum to students while encouraging them to work hard to achieve top academic performance. Universities and colleges highly recognise all the qualifications from a British school in China and other countries worldwide.

  • Enhances students independence

The British curriculum nurtures learners to develop self-independence to become responsible individuals in society. Foreign teachers searching for kindergarten jobs in China will have the opportunity to get hired and teach the British system to students from different races. The teachers will have the chance to interact with students from different cultures, which enhances an interactive and conducive learning environment. The system teaches students to do specific activities on their own, which helps them to enjoy their freedom and become responsible.

British schools in China

British schools are top-rated worldwide due to their high reputation and credibility in offering quality education. The national curriculum of England or the British curriculum is the first choice and consideration for many families. The curriculum has a well-structured program that provides immense benefits to the learners allowing them to move from one country to another to receive a top-quality and world-class education. The British education system is highly valued and recognised by universities and higher learning institutions around the globe. Some of the British schools in China include:

  • Britannia International School

Britannia international school is renowned for offering its students the British national curriculum. The school provides quality education and strives to ensure that students receive knowledge and skills to become problem solvers in society. The school has numerous facilities and ample classroom spaces for learning and performing other co-curricular activities, including music, art and dancing. The school has multi-purpose learning zones, huge learning spaces and extensive playing grounds for students to play various sporting activities, including football, basketball and other sports.

  • Wellington College International Hangzhou

Wellington College provides a world-class and quality international education for students of expatriate families between the ages of 2 to 18 years. The college offers the British curriculum and follows the English national curriculum enhanced by the cross-curricula international primary curriculum. This college has gained high recognition and reputation over the years due to delivering high-quality education focusing on academic excellence and an extensive range of co-curricular opportunities. Wellington college provides enriching experiences to students through activities such as off-campus field trips and organising exciting festivals, activities and events. These British schools strive to ensure that multicultural students are supported, inspired and nurtured to achieve academic excellence and foster individual development.

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