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How to Prepare for Class 9 Maths Exams?



Students who reach 9th grade are required not only to prepare for their home exams; however, they have to get geared up to appear for their 10th class board exams the following year. Thus, they usually approach this class with immense fear. For students who follow the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) board of education, NCERT books are considered to be their Bible for passing exams. One of the most important advantages of these books is that class 9 maths NCERT solutions are easily available online. These online forums provide steps, tricks, and concepts needed to solve the NCERT textbook problems. In this article, we will go through a few methods that you can use while preparing for your 9th-grade Maths exam that can also help you boost your confidence.

1. Understand Concepts

This might seem like a very generic recommendation; however, to do well in any exam, you have to build a strong foundation of that subject. Once you are introduced to a topic from the NCERT textbook, you have to go through the theory and get an idea of what the topic is about. If you have any doubts, you must immediately clear them by asking a teacher and not file them away for another time. You must also not be afraid to take the help of a teacher or tutor as this is the only way you will develop an in-depth knowledge of the subject. To supplement your learnings, you can also use online resources such as educational videos. The point of understanding a concept is to ensure that you can apply them to questions. Concepts here include the theory, derivation of formulas, axioms, and other aspects related to the topic.

2. Practice

Reading about a concept is not enough to gauge whether a kid has correctly grasped it. While solving questions, children tend to hit roadblocks as they might get confused in the steps or get incorrect answers. They would not be able to pinpoint the problem areas without attempting questions on the same. Thus, practicing sums is the easiest way to accomplish this task. Additionally, in order to master any topic, children have to solve a large number of sums on the same. Also, the sums should be in increasing order of difficulty with a wide-ranging variety of problems. They get an idea of the type of sums that can be framed on that topic during an examination and do not get flustered while attempting the paper.

3. External Help

It is tough to maintain regular study timings and follow a particular curriculum as an individual. Thus, kids should turn to an external coaching class that helps them to follow a routine and clear all their concepts. Cuemath is one such educational platform that provides kids with umteen resources such as worksheets, workbooks, online puzzles, interactive math games, apps, and other visual aids. The certified math tutors work hard to ensure that kids have an enjoyable learning experience by providing them with a holistic education environment. To know more, log on to


The end goal of learning any subject is to create the ability to solve difficult research-level questions at some point. Class 9 is when mathematics takes on a more prominent shape that comes in handy when a child starts her career. Hence, to prepare well for this grade, you can use the techniques that are mentioned above or come up with new and innovative ways.

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