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How to Select a Good Construction Contractor 





Selecting a good team for work or renovation is of vital importance for it to be carried out successfully, and within that team is the construction contractor. We give you a few tips to make the right choice of the company that will accompany you in the development of your project.

Identifying the needs and the essence of each project is essential. This virtue will be the one that conditions the whole process.

Find out the age of the company or the experience of the contractor

Try to find out how long it has been operating in your area and its reputation. Nowadays it is easy, with a quick internet search you can see previous projects carried out, their history and other information of interest. The experience is very important, especially if you are dealing with siding contractors. Siding is a job that requires a lot of experience because it doesn’t allow the slightest mistake. Make sure you only deal with those with at least 5 years of experience.

Find out if it has all the necessary licenses for your work

Get in touch with a list of contractors that you liked, not that you have to go crazy, make a selection of the ones you like the most. And of those, ask them about their best projects or examples similar to what you are going to ask for.

When you ask for a quote, try to be as clear and concise about what you need. So they can give you a closed budget. And if you have not decided on any material or format, comment it so they can help you and give you options. Open budgets are generally not a good idea.

And with the budget, always ask for an execution time, either divided into objectives or tasks. And a payment plan. Never pay everything in advance, try to distribute the payments with the fulfilment of the agreed phases. You may be able to accept advance payment terms if you have actually ever dealt with the contractor and you were satisfied with course.

Ask if the work needs a license, and if so, whose responsibility is it to obtain it.

Also ask if they have insurance to cover civil liability for their actions, workers’ compensation for workers, and coverage for property damage.

Once the budgets have been contrasted, the projects presented by each one, their profiles (and their references) analyzed, it is time to decide. The cheapest or most expensive is not always better. You have to add the rest of the references: trust, empathy and proven experience.

Once everything has been agreed, the detailed work, the delivery deadlines and the forms of payment, and the responsibilities of each one, if any, are in writing.

Once the work has started, let them introduce you to the person in charge of it and his team, and the way to contact him in case of having any questions or problems.

We hope these tips were of interest to you. Thank you for reading!

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