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How you can use a digital stamp for your documents



digital stamp

digital stamp

Recently, rubber and wax seals are not the only tools for stamping a document. The constant technological progress has led to the appearance of digital stamps on the market. This article is about electronic seals, their advantages over other types of stamps, and finally, the best ways to create one.

What is a digital stamp?

In short, an electronic stamp operates on the same principle as a digital signature. It allows you to stamp the paperwork directly on your computer or on any other device. As a rule, digital stamps exist in the form of the PNG file so that the background does not cover the text of a document. To date, Word, Google Docs, and Adobe Acrobat allow you to upload your personalized stamp. You can adjust its position, size, and even change its color.

Main advantages

1. Saving time

Putting stamps on documents with a lot of pages takes some time. First, you have to print it, then leave an impression on each page, then scan it and only then send it to the recipient. In the case of a digital stamp, all you have to do is open the document, load your seal, set its positioning, and send the edited document back.

2. Available for editing

Сontinuing on the subject of the first argument, it won’t cost you anything to edit the document in case of typos or any other errors. When working with a rubber stamp, noticing a mistake in a contract after stamping it from the first to the last page will bring you a lot of trouble.

3. Very convenient during trips

Another problem that is easily solved by the use of an electronic seal is document stamping when traveling. Nobody wants to carry a stamp and an ink pad in their luggage, so in that case, a digital stamp will certainly help you.

4. Does not require stamp fabricating

The process of rubber stamp production takes several weeks, while an electronic one can be applied immediately. By the way, if you don’t have money for a rubber stamp, it’s worth downloading the layout of a seal design and using it as a digital seal on documents.

As you can see, a digital stamp is a very useful tool that will save you a lot of time. Of course, it cannot be used when a paper document is brought to you, but it would be an excellent addition to a rubber stamp.

How to create a personalized digital stamp online?

There are several ways of creating an electronic stamp. You can use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat, Word, or simply commission a professional designer. However, the easiest method of making a personalized high-quality seal is to use the stamp maker. MyStampReady is the best of its kind because it allows you to edit each pattern in-depth, and then download the layout inexpensively. Another advantage is a gallery of seal templates. It is constantly replenished, so you have a huge amount of ready-made stamps to choose from. They can be edited and modified as well.

Steps to seal creation with MyStampReady

  • Choose the shape of a seal(circle, rectangle, or triangle), color and size.
  • Add the inscriptions you’d like to see on your seal. These may be slogans, your company name, and other notes. After that, decide on its placement: it can be in the center of the stamp, or around its perimeter.
  • Add your company logo.

P.S. We recommend placing it in the middle. That way, it will attract more attention.

  • Add some decorative elements, for example, smooth lines, monograms, etc.
  • Download your digital stamp in one of the formats, described below.

Best layout formats for digital seals

1. PNG 

This format of an electronic seal is supported by Google Docs and Word. You will be delivered a stamp picture with a transparent background, which will prevent the text and your seal from overlapping. This is the most budgetary option that can be offered on the market. MyStampReady allows you to download a PNG layout for just $2.50.


MyStampReady also offers you the opportunity to download a special DOCX preset for $5.50. It already has your digital stamp on each page, so that you can immediately load in the document and have it stamped completely. This will accelerate the process even more.

How to add a digital stamp to a document?

After receiving the layout, some customers are wondering how to implement their custom digital seal into a document. In fact, this process is very simple and takes only a few moments. We will tell you how to do this when working with each format of a document.

1. Word

Of course, the most convenient way is to purchase the DOCX preset, but if you don’t have such an opportunity, you should go to “Insert > Picture…” and choose your png electronic stamp image from the gallery. After that, you have to set its position. Right-click on your seal, choose “Wrap Text” and choose “In front of the Text” or “Behind Text”, whatever suits your case. After that, you can move the digital stamp by dragging it through the document.

2. Google Docs

The operating principle is similar to Microsoft Word. You just pull out the png file from your gallery and adjust the placement. The only difference is that the Google Docs interface is a bit different, so instead of “Wrap Text” you’ll have the placement options right under the seal after right-clicking on it.

3. PDF Files

For adding a digital stamp to a PDF document, you’ll have to use something like Adobe Acrobat or Soda PDF, because it’s impossible to edit this document format without any additional software. Both programs include a special section for adding custom stamps to the database so that you don’t ever have to upload them again. After adding the digital stamp, just right-click on it and configure its positioning in the same way as described in the section above (about DOCX documents).


Summing up, a seal is a brilliant invention, which allows you to immediately stamp a document without printing it. You can use it anytime, and even during your trips. Its low price and effectiveness are the main advantages of a digital stamp. Using it in combination with a rubber stamp will save you lots of time, and bring a lot of benefits to your business as well.

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