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Key Information to Consider When Hiring a Bicycle Accident Attorney 





If you’ve been a victim of a cycling accident due to a motorist’s or another cyclist’s negligence, chances are, you’ll need a personal injury attorney. According to the law, the at-fault party is liable for any injuries or property damage that ensues in the accident.

The first thing to do after an accident is to notify the appropriate authorities. In case you’re unable to move, the police/first responders can transport you to the hospital to receive adequate treatment. Furthermore, calling the authorities on time and seeking medical attention early helps in the early recovery of evidence and blocks the tactics of insurance companies to reduce or eliminate your compensation.

Compensation is usually proportional to the level of injury and damage suffered. Injury laws, such as negligence, liability, and the statute of limitations may vary depending on the state. Furthermore, a lawyer may only be able to defend a personal injury claim that occurs within their state/jurisdiction. For example, Massachusetts bicycle accident attorneys may only take on bicycle accident claims in Massachusetts.

Other key information to consider when hiring a bicycle accident attorney include:


It is important to make sure that the lawyer you hire is certified to practice law. It is also important to ensure that they’re licensed to practice law in the state in which the injury took place. The verdict on a case tried by an unlicensed lawyer will be overturned later on if their status is discovered. Therefore, this is the first thing that should be considered before deciding on an attorney.

Area of Specialization

There are different branches of law, such as family, criminal, business, personal injury, e.t.c., and lawyers who specialize in them. However, some attorneys tend to specialize in more than one area of the law. As a result, they may not be as skilled or experienced in dealing with your bicycle accident injury case.

Experience Level

In order to get the best possible result, it is important to hire a bicycle accident attorney with enough years of experience under their belt. This lets you know that they’ve dealt with lots of similar cases. Also, it means that they know where the potential pitfalls lie and how to avoid them.

A bicycle accident lawyer with enough experience can also help you to navigate police inquiry and gather the necessary evidence required to secure the appropriate compensation.

Win Rate

Just as important as experience level, is the attorney’s win rate. This exhibits their skill and ability to close bicycle accident cases. A bicycle accident attorney who is confident in their ability will have no qualms with showing you their success rate. They would have learned from their losses, if there are any, and would try to explain what went wrong in those cases.

Legal fee

It is advisable to discuss legal fees with your preferred bicycle accident attorney before hiring them. Personal injury attorneys normally operate on the contingency fee payment arrangement where they do not receive any fee until they’ve secured their client’s compensation. In this case, the legal fee is usually an agreed percentage of the settlement.

As a client, you can get quotes from various firms to get an idea of a generally accepted payment rate.

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