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PTSD and Social Security Disability





When we think of disability claims our mind often goes straight to the person physically injured on the job or the person too old to work and afford their bills. But PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) often keeps individuals from being able to earn a living.

PTSD can occur from a traumatic event or series of events in someone’s life that affects them so much, they find it hard to carry out daily activities. They are so distracted by looming thoughts and fears that their minds cannot concentrate on any tasks.

In the military, PTSD often occurs as a result of battlefield trauma. It has also been referred to as “shell shock” & “battle fatigue” in years past. This trauma can make it almost impossible for sufferers of PTSD to function.

In civilian life events such as rape, child abuse, spousal abuse and surviving a natural catastrophe can leave a person with PTSD. Often sufferers will turn to substances to try to numb the pain and can end up with horrific dependency to alcohol and drugs. But PTSD sufferers can also abuse food, nicotine and even contemplate suicide.

PTSD has also been linked to physical conditions such as heart disease, chronic pain and rheumatoid arthritis. It is a combination of physical changes in the body as well as behavior which may result in these ailments.

PTSD, if diagnosed and treated by a professional, can qualify you for Social Security disability. To improve your case it is best to retain a Disability attorney Melbourne FL to help your case along and improve odds of being approved.

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