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Some Important Work From Home Tools  



Some Important Work From Home Tools  

Some Important Work From Home Tools  

Work from home has become the reality of today. Offices have now shifted their operations to digital mediums for convenience. Additionally, remote working culture has also helped companies in saving significant maintenance costs of the building and workspaces. However, one of the major challenges that work from home poses is in the department of team coordination. Effective communication, among other things, has been challenging in these times. Another major issue that we face today is that of technological illiteracy.

From the employees’ end, productivity has taken a hit because it is difficult to work efficiently from the comfort of their homes. However, developers have come up with some assistive tools to help the employees as well as the organization in establishing an efficient work-from-home culture. In this article, we will provide a list of important work from tools so you can sail smoothly through these times.

Google workspace

Google Workspace was rolled out with an idea to provide quality virtual working space to employees and organizations. We can call this a virtual office with all the amenities available digitally. Google Workspace has a pack of services that are crucial to carrying out routine operations.

Some of these services are collaborative in nature, which is essential if your office is divided up into teams. Google sheets, google docs, etc., can help keep track of the ongoing projects along with the contributors.

Additionally, Google Meet helps in organizing virtual conferences to set weekly goals and agendas. Employers and Employees can sync their Google calendars so a meeting can be scheduled per everyone’s convenience and availability. Lastly, by subscribing to Google Workspace, you can customize your email id for client interaction and make it more formal.


Zoom has been around since 2012, but it only gained its much-deserved popularity in 2020 when all the offices shifted their operations online. Zoom is a video conferencing platform that doesn’t require a painful log-in process every time you want to conduct a meeting.

You can simply circulate the meeting link, and the employees would be able to join in no time. The free services provided by Zoom allow for unlimited talk time between two participants. In the free feature, you can add as many people as you want with a cap of 40 minutes on the talk time.

However, if your organization subscribes to the application, you can get unlimited talk time, and you will be able to add over 1000 participants. Zoom is a must-have tool for every organization.

PDF Editor

PDF file format was rolled out in 2007 by Adobe, and it has become a huge success ever since. Most organizations have made PDF their de facto file format because of the utility it brings to the table.

De facto means that every official transaction has to take place in this format only. Since the volume of file transactions has increased during the pandemic, the need for a PDF editor is now more than ever.

The PDF editor allows quick cross-platform conversion. For example, you will be able to convert a file from PDF to Word or vice versa with just a single click. Moreover, the editor will allow you to add comments to the file. Also, you will be able to secure the file content through a password.

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