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Teaching in Tier 1 Cities; Beijing or Shanghai



China is a diverse country offering plenty of opportunities, world-class attractions, spectacular modern infrastructure and technological advancement. Few countries possess the variety of opportunities and experiences that China offers. A foreign teacher can teach in tier cities, Shanghai or Beijing, since they offer plenty of teaching opportunities in the country. Teaching English in these tier 1 cities will enable you to attain high salaries, explore the diverse culture, and visit plenty of attractions and sceneries.

Teaching in Beijing


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China’s most prestigious and reputable schools, universities and training centres are in Beijing. Teaching in Beijing is beneficial since foreign teachers are offered high salaries while living in a city with plenty of facilities and affordable cost of living. English-speaking teachers can learn about this beautiful city’s rich culture and history and experience the friendly climate and spectacular natural attractions. Below are some of the benefits of teaching in Beijing.

  • Cost of living

One of the benefits of teaching in Beijing is the affordable cost of living and high wages. Foreign teachers and expats can live comfortably and have a better quality of life. Beijing offers an extensive range of affordable living spaces, rental homes, accommodation and entertainment centres. Expats can visit the various spectacular attractions, national parks and sceneries in Beijing at a low cost while enjoying their stay in the city.

  • International community

Foreign teachers looking for teaching opportunities in Beijing feel at home since there is an extensive international and expat community in the city. Beijing has an extensive international population, making it one of the best places to land teaching opportunities for English teachers. Your teaching colleagues will be your new friends, thus growing your social and friendship circle. It’s easy to meet new people from the social groups, excursions and gatherings that happen every week.

Teaching in Shanghai

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Shanghai is one of China’s fastest-growing cities, offering plenty of teaching opportunities for foreign teachers. Shanghai is the core of China’s tourism, entrepreneurship, business, entertainment, education and technology. It’s one of the most cosmopolitan, modern and exciting cities to work and live in. Below are some of the benefits of teaching in Shanghai.

  • Cultural diversity

Shanghai is home to diverse cultures and people from different parts of the world. Teaching English in Shanghai will help you to appreciate people from different walks of life and culture. Gaining an opportunity to teach in Shanghai means you will have the chance to join millions of cultures in the city. You will understand cultural diversity and learn from other people’s rich cultures and history.

  • Entertainment

Teaching English in Shanghai is more exciting due to the city’s mix of modernity and beautiful attractions. You can make day and night tours cruising the rivers while exploring the city’s incredible building infrastructures and skyscrapers. You can pay a visit to the Shanghai Science and technology museum to learn about the rich history and culture of the Chinese people.

  • Plenty of job opportunities

Shanghai city offers plenty of job opportunities for English teachers. Foreign teachers looking for a teaching job will always find a position in the city. Residents and the local community strive to ensure their children attain the best education from reputable schools, universities and training institutions.

Teaching in tier 1 cities, Beijing or Shanghai, is a highly lucrative job that provides endless opportunities, including teaching in companies, offering tutorial services and career advancement. Teaching in Beijing or shanghai is an enriching experience since you will have the opportunity to interact with people from diverse cultures while advancing your teaching skills and experience.

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