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The Best Way to Get PT Certified: ACE Personal Trainer Certification



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Being a personal trainer can be a deeply satisfying and rewarding job. As a personal trainer, you get a lot of one on one experiences with people in a way that truly does make a difference in their life. This line of work isn’t for everyone, but for people who love health and fitness and are passionate about seeing others succeed in their own journeys, it can be a great choice. The ability to not only grow in your own health journey but have an active, encouraging hand in shaping and propelling someone else’s journey is a big draw.

That being said, becoming a personal trainer takes a lot of education and knowledge. Your future clients will be coming to you with serious questions about how to pursue their best health and fitness, and you will need to have the kind of knowledge to help them. Every person is unique and everybody is different, which is why no two people will ever have identical health journies.

Having the knowledge and skill to be able to help people find the right paths for their unique health journey and supply them with the tools they need to succeed is a challenge, but it’s not impossible. While it may seem daunting, the good news is that there are tools that can help you gain the knowledge you need in order to become the best personal trainer you can be.

To become a personal trainer you have to be certified. Passing the ACE personal trainer certification is no small task to accomplish, however, it’s one that you can absolutely conquer. With the right tools, and good study habits, gaining the knowledge to become a great personal trainer and pass your ACE PTC exam is something that you can do.

If you have been wondering how best to prepare for your ACE PTC exam so you can become a personal trainer, here is everything you need to know!

How Big is The ACE PTC Exam?

One of the first steps to doing well in an exam is getting an idea of how much of a challenge the process will be. When it comes to learning material, the problem that people often run into is not that the material itself is too difficult to master, but instead that they lack the proper structure and study disciplines to master it. By taking into account how large the exam is, and what kind of material is covered, you can plan out your study times and make goals for yourself which is a critical part of gaining the knowledge you need.

On any given exam, there will typically always be at least a question of two that throws you off. Maybe it’s something you just can’t remember, or it could even possibly be a concept or piece of information you weren’t adequately exposed to before the assessment. This is normal and to some degree can’t be avoided. However, the worst thing that can happen on an exam day is that you realize you didn’t study correctly. The ACE exam is 150 pages long and covers four different domains. This equals a lot of content to master in order to do well on a rather large test, which can seem daunting. While passing the ACE PTC exam might seem challenging, the good news is that you can do it, and one of the best tools you can use is going to be an ACE study guide.

Staying Organized

An ACE study guide has a lot of benefits that can really help to raise your chances of passing your ACE CPT exam and becoming the personal trainer you want to be. It does this primarily by giving you a road map on which to base your study time. There’s a lot of content to cover in preparation for the ACE exam, and a study guide helps to ensure that you are focusing your time wisely on high-yield content.

Being intelligent with how your schedule your studying is key to doing well on an exam. You want to allow yourself adequate time to learn tough material and master concepts so you can enter into your exam day with confidence. A study guide helps you take all of that hard work and preparation, and direct it toward the content that you need to learn.


When studying for any exam there is always going to be two kinds of information, high yield information, and low yield information. It’s easy to spend too much time on a low-yield concept only to enter into your exam and realize it won’t get you very far. An ACE study guide helps to ensure that your study time is used wisely, focusing on information that will get you the results you want on exam day.

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