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What Is The Cause Of Most Pedestrian Injuries And Fatalities?





According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the main causes of pedestrian injuries and fatalities are driver intoxication, distraction, road design, speed, and road construction sites. According to the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA), 43 percent of pedestrian fatalities occurred in large urban states. Florida and Delaware had the highest number of pedestrian fatalities per 100,000 residents, and the District of Columbia had the highest percentage of pedestrian deaths caused by motor vehicles.

Drivers are often distracted while on the road, which can make it difficult to notice pedestrians. Drivers who are distracted are more likely to focus on oncoming traffic and fail to notice pedestrians in crosswalks. Distracted driving is a growing problem on U.S. roadways and affects drivers of all ages and sex. It is estimated that distracted drivers can drive the length of a football field while not paying attention to the road.

Aggressive driving is another leading cause of pedestrian accidents. Aggressive drivers tend to ignore traffic signals and show signs of road rage, which can result in unsafe speeds and unlawful turning. A study by the Municipal Transportation Agency examined the common maneuvers drivers make just before pedestrian accidents. Drivers making left-hand turns were twice as likely to hit pedestrians as drivers making right-hand turns.

Another common cause of pedestrian accidents is driving while intoxicated. Many fatal accidents involve drivers who are impaired. This is because their reaction time and judgment is impaired, and they don’t properly assess walking conditions. It is also important to remember that the weather and traffic conditions play a role in pedestrian accidents.

There are also other factors that contribute to pedestrian accidents. Passenger cars are responsible for over half of all fatal pedestrian accidents, while light trucks, SUVs, and vans are responsible for the remaining twenty percent. Motorcycles and buses, on the other hand, are responsible for less than one percent of pedestrian fatalities.

A pedestrian’s risk of collisions is increased when they are unable to stop at the time. These factors can be mitigated by adjusting vehicle design. Drivers can also use crash avoidance technologies to recognize pedestrians and automatically brake before hitting them. The number of fatal pedestrian accidents on New York streets has increased over the years, and pedestrian deaths are rising.

Pedestrians are at risk of accidents because they are walking on roadways instead of sidewalks. They may be slow compared to cars, and they are easy to miss. Even when pedestrians are traveling in groups, they may not be aware that they are stepping in front of a car.

Pedestrian accidents are extremely dangerous and often result in catastrophic injuries. A pedestrian injured in a collision with a vehicle can be held responsible for the damages. It’s important to recognize that pedestrian accidents can occur even when sidewalks and pedestrian signals are present. It’s critical that pedestrians understand their rights in such situations and seek legal help as soon as possible. For experienced legal assistance in a personal injury case, contact Dozier Law Firm today.

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