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A Guide for The Private Investigators About Asset Searching



Asset Searching

Asset Searching

Most of the private investigators are aware of the term of asset searching. They often use the asset searching technique to help their clients to secure or protect their financial health. The private investigators of the Discreet Investigations pointed out that the purpose of asset searching is to either collect a debt or confirm the conditions of the finances. 

Sometimes the investigators use this technique to find out about the identity fraud of a person. Most of the time, the clients understand that they require an asset search. However, due to lack of experience, it becomes impossible for them to start the search in the first place. 

It is one of the reasons why they should take the help of private investigation services. The experienced investigators of such agencies would guide the clients in asset searches and help them to find the answers. 

This article would help you to understand whether you need the help of the asset research services of the private investigators for your company. Let’s have a look. 

How The Private Investigators Can Help

While there are many similarities between the work that the detectives of law enforcement and the private investigators do, there is some significant difference as well. The primary difference between the works of the detectives and the private investigators is that the private investigators can’t make any arrests or execute a search warrant like the detectives. That’s why the private investigators of Discreet Investigations have to learn the investigating techniques that help them to find the information while maintaining the legal aspect. 

To practice all the knowledge the private investigators get through training, they have to acquire a license once the training course gets completed. Some of the investigating techniques that the private investigators use to get to the truth are as follows.

  • Background checks
  • Surveillance
  • Locating Assets or People
  • Interviews
  • Asset Searches

What Do The Private Investigators Find in An Asset Search?

A private investigator carries out an asset search based on several factors. Some of those factors are depicted in the following section of this article. 

  • Income Resources
  • Planes
  • Boats
  • Real Estates
  • trust Funds
  • Bank Accounts
  • Benefits
  • Retirement accounts
  • Safe Deposit Boxes

Now the question is, why the private investigator has to check all of these above factors to find out information about the asset of a person or a company. Here are some of the reasons for which the private investigators of Discreet Investigations conduct asset searches. 


In any typical divorce case, the couple splits up while diving their joint assets equally. These assets might include property, jewelry, finances, art, and much more. While some divorce cases take place peacefully, there are some divorce cases where the private investigators must search for the hidden assets. 

The reason behind such searches is the simple belief of the people involved in the divorce, that the other person is hiding some assets. In some countries, hiding assets instead of including them in a divorce case is considered as illegal. 

Personal Injury Case

Let’s assume that you got hurt in a car accident and you do not have the right insurance coverage. In this situation, most people depend on insurance coverages to float them through the time they take for recovery. When it comes to the personal injury cases where the insurance coverage is not enough to tide you over, the lawyer might recommend an asset search. 

This asset search on the defendant helps the lawyer to secure the additional financial aid. You should also know that during any personal injury cases, the lawyer is obligated to inform you about the option of the asset searching of the defendant. If your lawyer does not present this option to you, he/she might be conducting malpractice. 

In most such cases, the lawyer hires the private investigators of Discreet Investigations to do the asset search. It, then, falls on the shoulders of the private investigators to find out if the defendant holds any assets that might help to alter the outcome of the case that the plaintiff is fighting. 

Child Support

In most of the child support cases, the parents provide their right financial information to the court. Depending on that financial information, the court then decides the amount of money that the individual has to offer for child support. 

However, in some child support cases, the parent does not provide the right information to the court. In such cases, the private investigators are often employed to find out the hidden asset of the parent. 

The Technique of asset Searching

Background Checks

A background check helps the private investigators to gather information about the individual. In most cases, the background check is used to confirm that a certain individual is right for a job. 


Private investigators often use this technique to find information that a person wants to hide from others. During the surveillance, the private investigator follows the individual everywhere and finds out the necessary information about their hidden assets. 

Public Record Search

In most cases, the facts that the private investigators submit are often found in the public records. An experienced private investigator knows exactly how they should search the public records to find out the information that is essential for the case they are handling. 

Now that you know the working technique of the private investigators of Discreet Investigations, do you think that you need their help to find answers to your question? If the answer is yes, then get in touch with them without wasting any time and share your problems with them right away. 

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