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Best OSRS Quests for Rewards



Best OSRS Quests for Rewards

Best OSRS Quests for Rewards

Here’s a choice of quests to get you the rewards that you’re looking for.

The great thing about OSRS quests is that they reward you for your troubles. And it isn’t just about earning OSRS gold either. There are a number of rewards available for you to benefit from even as a free player. Here we will be taking a look at some of the quests that have some great rewards available to you.

Dragon Slayer

We mentioned free players benefiting from this, and they can with the final F2P quest that’s available in the game. The Dragon Slayer quest is vital for both free players and members alike, courtesy of the rune plate mail that you get from it. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to equip a rune platebody even if you have the required defence stats.

The reason why this is so important is that rune is the best armour you can get in the free version of the game. So if you don’t have it, then you are going to be falling behind. Members need this too as it’s very effective until you can get your hands on superior dragon armour.

One Small Favour

In OSRS, one of our primary goals besides gathering experience, and One Small Favour is a great choice for doing so. Whilst the premise of the quest does seem simply on the surface, it will in fact have you traversing the wide world of Old School Runescape in order to complete it. The main part of this quest is to ask for help with a task, but also having to do something for others beforehand. So it is a heck of a slog to get through at times, but you will be happy with the XP that you get in the end.

Fairy Tale

Both parts of the Fairy Tale quests will give you access to the fairy ring network. This is absolutely pivotal for getting around Gielinor in a convenient manner. You do have the option to use the magic skill to teleport around in the game, but the fairy ring system will allow you to reach places even the teleports can’t get to.

You won’t need to complete both Fairy Tale parts to gain access to the network. You do need to finish part 1, but you will actually get access to it during the second part of the quest. So it isn’t technically a reward for finishing a quest, but rather a reward for playing through both parts to a certain point.

Legends’ Quest

If you’re going to take on this mammoth of a quest, then you are going to need to be well prepared. We aren’t just talking about going to buy OSRS gold to stock up on OSRS gp to get the necessary protection OSRS items. You will also need a lot of quest points to be able to get an opportunity to prove yourself to the legends themselves.

Once you have finished the quest, you will be rewarded with the ability to wield the cape of legends and dragon square shields, with the latter being the strongest square shield in the whole game. You will also gain 7,650 XP in four skills, and also get a faster teleport access to a number of skilling areas by charging skill necklaces.

Desert Treasure

For players wanting to use magic combat in OSRS, Desert Treasure is a must for you to completed. This is because you will receive the Ancient Magicks spellbook. This is a rather alternative spellbook that not on grants you differing city teleports, but it also brings new mechanics and some very powerful spells along with it. With it, you can freeze your enemies with ice spells, regain health through damage with blood spells, and much more. Even though it takes away your default spells for use, you can switch between spellbooks as you please.

So as you can see by now, there’s a lot of reasons as to why you should take on questing. It isn’t just about trying to earn cash so you don’t have to resort to finding OSRS gold for sale. You can really find a few amazing rewards that will completely change up your gameplay experience if you are willing to invest the effort in completing the quests. Some have great narrative moments in there too, which are a special bonus to go along with the rewards that you will be getting.

Have you completed these OSRS quests? Let us know in the comments section below!

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