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NBA 2K21 Next Gen Kervin Durant Build – Best Power Forward & Small Forward Build On NBA 2K21 Next Gen



NBA 2K21 Next Gen

NBA 2K21 Next Gen

In NBA 2K21 Next-Gen Kervin Durant is one of the best builds. He is a 2-way scoring machine, in that case, we create NBA2K21 Kervin Durant build both in small forward and power forward position. Check our NBA 2K21 guide, how to make an insane power forward & small forward build for your Myplayer In next gen 2K21. NBA 2K21 MT can make your team Proliferate!

NBA 2K21 Next Gen Kervin Durant Build – Best PF & SF Build on 2K21 Next Gen

Small forward Kervin Durant Build – Best Small Forward build on NBA 2K21

Check more details about this 3-level  scorer demigod is one of the best small forward builds on NBA 2K21 Next Gen. Shades of Kevin Durant as the first team to show up.

Physical Profile

Position: Small Forward

Height: 6’10”

Weight: 240 lbs

Wingspan: 7’5”


When he has 98 mid-range shots in the game, 81 three-point shot when he has a way higher 3 point shot. As for the ball, the handle is too low, everything is too low, but you can still get the hall of fame to posterize a badge for driving drunk. Because once you hit 98 overall it should be at 92, but in the low 80s for a Kevin durant build The first thing is to max out the driving dunk, post control, standing dunk, and everything for the shooting is low. What’s more, 7’5” wingspan and 6’10” hurts the attributes a lot. So we are going to custom attributes, the main attributes are driving layup, dunk, perimeter defense, defensive rebound, vertical, and more. In the end, we will have 16 finishing badge points, 14 shooting badge points, 9 playmaking badge points, and 18 defense badge points.


Driving Layup – 85

Driving Dunk – 89

Standing Dunk – 74

Post Control – 89


Mid-Range Shot – 83

Three-Point Shot – 81

Free Throw – 89


Pass Accuracy – 88

Ball Handle – 69

Speed With Ball – 60


Interior Defense – 93

Perimeter Defense – 73

Block – 95

Offensive Rebound – 31

Defensive Rebound – 55


Speed – 71  

Acceleration – 68

Strength – 68

Vertical – 64

Stamina – 91

NBA 2K21 Next Gen Kervin Durant Build – Best PF & SF Build on 2K21 Next Gen

Check more details about this well-rounded point guard slashing playmaking build on NBA 2K21 next-gen. This build can speed boost, dunks, shoot, and defense with shades of Jo Morant, Damian Lillard and John Wall.

Physical Profile

Position: l Forward

Height: 6’7”

Weight: 210 lbs

Wingspan: 7’2”


For attributes, we’re going to max out driving layup and driving dunk. He did have a high close in his build shot, but it’s not worth the whole 10 overall to max out. Then max out post control and standing dunk to 41 just to get some finishing badges, because you want to dunk on people regardless of how high your close shot is. If you want to get some badges, get mind-range and three-pointer both to 82, free throw to 77 which can get us right at 10 shooting badges. This is the best Morant build on NBA 2K21 Next Gen who can do free throw. You will have 13 finishing badge points, 10 shooting badge points, 21 playmaking badge points and 6 defense badge points.


Driving Layup – 95

Driving Dunk – 92

Standing Dunk – 41

Post Control – 66


Mid-Range Shot – 82

Three-Point Shot – 82

Free Throw – 77


Pass Accuracy – 80

Ball Handle – 87

Speed With Ball – 60


Perimeter Defense – 80

Offensive Rebound – 61

Defensive Rebound – 78


Speed – 91

Acceleration – 91

Vertical – 70

Stamina – 91

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