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WoW TBC – What to Do When You Reach Level 70



WoW TBC – What to Do When You Reach Level 70

WoW TBC – What to Do When You Reach Level 70

There’s still a lot to do even when we have reached level 70 in WoW TBC.

When you have finally made it through The Burning Crusade power leveling all the way up to level 70, there are still a number of activities that you can do. With factors like experience turning to WoW TBC gold and a wealth of fun features to take advantage of, there is plenty of motivation to keep playing beyond level 70. Here we will be going over some of the best activities that you can take part in once you hit the pinnacle level.


At level 70, you can now start to use dungeons for getting as much TBC Classic gold as possible. Sure, they are a great resource for finding useful TBC items too, but they can also be proficient in providing currency and reputation. The reason as to why reputation comes into play is because there are situations where you need certain rep to to access further content.

One such piece of further content is Heroic dungeons. These present players with an option to really challenge themselves by increasing the difficulty in key features of the dungeon. Speaking of keys, that’s exactly what you’ll need to access Heroic dungeons. There are different criteria that you have to meet, and now is as good a time as any to go searching.


You can take in more quests even when you’re finished with the TBC power leveling. There are daily quests available for you to do, including dungeons of both normal and heroic difficulty. This is a great way for you to earn enough currency that you won’t have to buy TBC gold.

Each day there will be a random targeted instance to head over to if you’re looking to earn some coin. This isn’t the only source of daily quests either. You’ll receive them from PvP, Shattrath and also from gaining more reputation.

What’s more, if you were struggling with lengthy quest chains in WoW TBC, then now would be a good time for you to play through them. Doing so will unlock some effective items that you can use, with quest chains such as Teron Gorefiend that starts in Shattrath City being one example. For Horde players, the Hero of The Mag’har quest chain brings more content for players to enjoy.

The Flying Mount

Mounts are a coveted part of TBC, and serve as a goal to many players. Some will even go as far as to buy WoW TBC accounts to get certain special mounts. Our goal at this point will be to get 5,000 TBC Classic gold so that we can earn the riding skill, and then get the epic flying mount. With the riding skill, you’ll be able to get these mounts at a low cost, depending on the type of mount that you want. Playing as a Druid? Then you can begin the epic flight form chain of quests as well.

PvP Combat

At level 70, you’re also at a good point to start focusing on player vs. player combat. You could gather your peers and start up an arena charter, or visit the Alterac Valley to start grinding your honor in the battlefield. Arathi Basin is a particular point of interest, and the Warsong Gulch mixes it up with a defensive or offensive way of approaching PvP.

If monumental battles are more your thing, then Eye of the Storm is the place for you. Players are tasked with keeping control of the towers, whilst adapting a popular multiplayer trait with a capture the flag aspect to it.

Players can earn decent rewards from PvP. This is especially true when talking about the Outland zones. You may need to take a look around to find the best place for battling, since some areas can be rather deserted.


In Outland, you can start earning both Kurenai and Mag’har rep from ogres in Nagrand. There’s also a chance that they’re in Consortium too. Getting Consortium reputation can be done in Heap with Zaxxis Insignia and Ethereum Prison Keys by Area 52. Earning rep will give you access to stashes from Haldor the Compulsive or Arcanist Xorith. To do this, you’re going to need to get to the exalted status for Cenarion Expedition, Sha’tar as well as the Aldor and Scryers.

There’s plenty of opportunity for you to get content out of TBC even when you have reached level 70. There are many methods of earning WoW TBC gold at this point, which is more than enough of a reward for players to want to reach these heights. This is going to be a long task as far as getting to 70 is concerned. But fear not, as your journey will not need to end there when you do.

Have you reached level 70 in TBC WoW? Let us know in the comments section below!

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