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Wrong Medication Mix-up? Can You Sue?



Medication Mix-up Injury

Medication Mix-up Injury

Were you given the wrong medication by your pharmacy? Maybe there was a simple miscommunication in dosage, and you received more or less than your doctor prescribed. Or maybe it was the wrong medicine altogether. Did this cause you some health complications or damage to your body in any way? If so, then you may just be able to sue the pharmacy and/or the pharmacist for the damages you incurred. It’s not 100% certain though, and that’s why it’s always best to consult with a professional legal council. Abogados Centro Legal lists out many variables to this situation to consider before knowing if you even have a case to go ahead with.

First, was it a licensed pharmacist who made the mistake that caused you the harm? If this was the case and they agreed to care for you, but instead they led you into harm’s way, then they failed in their responsibilities and their contractual obligations. They even failed the Hippocratic oath that medical professionals take that pledges them to cause no harm to anyone in the practice of their trade. Everything about this misstep by a pharmacist is against standard practices and reasonable expectations for quality care.

Although, without expert analysis, this may be a challenging situation to prove. So, your best course of action is to hire an attorney at once. They will have the knowledge and expertise to assist you in collecting all the proper evidence and documentation you will need to present your case in court and prove that it was the mistake made by the pharmacy that caused your issues to begin with. Also, you have a limit to the amount of time that may have passed before you can no longer raise a claim against them for the damages caused. Therefore, it is best to see an attorney as soon as possible and have your case evaluated before it is too late.



Depending on the circumstances, you could be awarded for the damages to your body, including any past and future medical expenses associated with the condition caused by you being given the wrong medication. A judge or jury may also award you punitive damages for their mistake, because of the trust that you had placed in them to properly care for your medical needs. Another aspect that may add to your total claim is lost wages from your missing work, losing your job, or not being able to work a job in the first place because of the damages to your body the mistake had caused.

As you can see, the total amount that all of this adds up to could become a considerable sum, and although it does not make up for the lasting damages to your body and health, it should be an aid in healing and recovering from the mix-up that occurred. Being awarded a large amount of money would allow you to recover from the harm that they caused you by allowing you the time you need to fully recoup to the highest level of health you can expect to regain, without the need to worry about simple things like regular bills, medical bills, or other daily expenses. You could focus solely on recovery after winning a claim like this.

Finally, you need to hold the pharmacist and/or pharmacy accountable for their actions. A lawsuit like this would force them to reevaluate their standard operating procedures and practices to figure out exactly where the error took place, and figure out how they could prevent it from ever happening to another patient in the future. This is a very important aspect because by you suing them, you could save another person from going through the hardships you had to endure and keep another person from possibly suffering an even worse fate than what happened to you.

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