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11 Most Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents





Most people prefer cycling as a great form of exercise and a favored mode of transport. It’s also an environmentally-friendly way of traveling.

However, there have been many reported cases of cycling accidents. If motorists and cyclists follow road regulations, then these cases would fall drastically.

As a cyclist, you need to understand what bike-car accidents cause for safe driving and cycling.

If you find yourself in an accident caused by a reckless driver. You’ll need help from local bicycle crash law firms to assist you in recovering any damage.

Continue reading to know more about these causes and how to avoid them.

  1. The Rear-end Crash

This occurs mostly at night when a car hits a cyclist from behind causing the bicycle to flip and the cyclist to fall on the car’s hood. 

The motorist is often at fault if they had tried to overtake another vehicle, or they were intoxicated.

To avoid this as a cyclist, ensure you have a reflective jacket on at night and install a red rear light on your bike.

The motorists should always be attentive on the road ahead and watch out for any cyclists before making turns or curves.

  1. Getting hit by the Door 

This happens when a motor vehicle’s door is opened into an oncoming cyclist’s path. The cyclist runs into it often due to the less time they have to react or swerve.

To avoid this, motorists should ensure they’ve checked any cyclists approaching before they open their doors.

The cyclists should be on high alert and keep a safe distance while looking out for any sign of door opening. 

  1. Vehicle pull-out

This is when a car pulls out of a parking lot, open space, or a driveway in front of the cyclist’s path. Causing them to hit the side of the car.

As a cyclist, you won’t have enough time to avoid the collision but instead, end up getting injured.

Even so, avoid riding along the sidewalks unless you’re prohibited by the traffic officer.

Motorist should also check for any oncoming cyclists or vehicles before exiting the parking lot or garage.

  1. Bad Weather

As an obvious factor in causing accidents, bad weather can cause anyone to experience low visibility on the road. 

In the case of the rainy season, you should have a reflector jacket on for a better visual for the driver behind you. 

Drivers need to check if their car is in good condition for any weather. Because bicycles may be hard to see if the weather corrupts their vision.

  1. Right Hook

In most cases, a driver may get distracted and fail to see you cycling beside them as they make an abrupt turn cutting off your path.

The driver might also miscalculate their time to make a turn quickly when trying to overtake you.

These two scenarios may create a collision that’ll make you end up with serious injuries.

This is avoidable if the drivers use their turn signals to show their direction while you, as a cyclist, watch out for those signals.

  1. Left Cross or Left-Turn Accident

This type of accident occurs when a driver fails to see a cyclist and makes a left turn in the cyclist’s opposite direction. 

Often it causes the driver to hit the cyclist on the side or run them over.

Final Words

Most of those bicycle crashes are caused by motorists as well as cyclists. Even the most cautious cyclists find themselves in dangerous situations caused by negligent motorists.

Like it’s said, “safety begins with you”. Wear a good helmet before going out.

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