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7 Reasons Why You Need a Probate Attorney





Estate planning and probate can be challenging. Considering that their close friend or loved ones are sick or deceased, it often involves a lot of emotions. Hiring a probate lawyer has several benefits, the topmost being that they can take care of the details while you grieve your loved one. That being said, here are seven other reasons why you would need a probate attorney:

  1. To Fasten the Probate Process

The main goal of hiring a probate lawyer is to ensure that the overall estate planning and process go smoothly. A certified probate law attorney of Atlanta is well-versed in the protocols revolving around court documents and managing a deceased person’s estate, which is why their presence is beneficial.

if your loved one passed away without leaving behind a will, it can make the probate process even more complicated. A probate attorney can help guide you through the steps necessary to ensure that assets are distributed fairly and according to state law. Additionally, if there is more than one beneficiary involved or disputes arise over who should receive what property or assets, having an attorney on your side with experience in these matters can greatly benefit your case.

Moreover, if you want to know about How to Contest a Will in Probate Court, having an experienced attorney by your side is crucial.

  1. To Resolve Family Conflicts

It is not uncommon to find family conflicts surrounding the death of a loved one. There can be many unexpected conflicts among people within the family as some might have their own set of expectations for the estate’s assets. A probate attorney can play the role of an unbiased person in resolving family disputes.

  1. To Prevent Rejection from Court

Probate Lawyers know the rules and regulations of submitting probate documents in court. Due to the precise nature of these documents, it is easy for them to get rejected in court. By appointing a probate attorney, you can make sure that your court documents go through smoothly.

  1. To Safeguard Estate Against False Claims

As a result of family disputes or the emergence of extended family members, it is possible that there may be claims made on the deceased’s estate. It is the probate lawyer’s job to analyze the validity of these claims and put them to rest if they are of malicious intent.

  1. To Provide Answers

During the emotional time of dealing with someone’s loss and figuring out their estate, to the family may discover facts that they may need answers for. A probate attorney is aware of the assets and liabilities and can provide any answers needed.

  1. To Settle Debts

Settling finances can become a challenging task, especially if the departed has a complex financial situation. You will definitely need help from a probate lawyer in dealing with personal loans, funeral expenses, and other tax situations. Sometimes the debts require more money than the estate’s liquid assets. In that case, it is best to confer with a lawyer.

  1. To Fend Off Lawsuits

As highlighted above about family disputes and claims, it is possible that anyone unhappy with the dictation of the will or estate management may file a lawsuit against you. To fight the lawsuit and bury false claims on the deceased’s assets, it is crucial to have a good probate lawyer on your side.

The benefits of hiring a probate attorney are only some of the many. The expertise and experience they bring to the table is irreplaceable, especially if you’re not familiar with probate and estate law. Instead of facing a long and arduous probate proceeding, hiring a probate attorney will make this difficult time a little easier.

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