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Do Texas Residents Need Eminent Domain Attorneys?



Do Texas Residents Need Eminent Domain Attorneys?

Do Texas Residents Need Eminent Domain Attorneys?

Eminent domain is the right that any governmental body or utility has to take private property for public use and purpose. Roads and public utilities (like sewers and pipelines) are some of the most common uses for the property that has been taken. If you do get a condemnation notice, you may want to seek out a lawyer.

You don’t have to get an eminent domain attorney, and you could try to handle the situation on your own, but if you want to get your land back or better compensation for it, that’s not a good idea. Texas is a very common place for eminent domain to occur, and yet the average resident does not fully comprehend the laws surrounding it. Eminent domain can be complex, like any legal matter, and having a Texas eminent domain attorney who can help could make all the difference.

Getting Your Money Back

If your land is under condemnation, you need to know first that you have legal rights to receive “just compensation” for what is being taken. But how many people know what “just compensation” is and how to measure it? An experienced eminent domain attorney for your state, in this case, Texas, will help you understand your rights to the fullest. They will also help you know whether the compensation being offered is fair and sufficient. If it isn’t you can challenge the initial offer and even negotiate for more.

Typically, condemnors hire a reputable appraiser to come and assess a property’s value, however, often times these appraisers will offer minimal compensation. So when it comes time to give their offer, they are taking your land at a bargain. If you have an attorney, however, you can properly determine the value of your land.

Where to Find Your Lawyer

Rather than hiring just any typical lawyer, you should hire an eminent domain attorney that specifically practices in Texas. This is the best way to win your case as your attorney will likely have experience in handling issues very similar to yours. If your case does end up going to trial, they will be more confident in presenting your side to the judge.

An expert attorney in the eminent domain can also give you a qualified and accurate opinion on the fairness of your offered compensation. It’s in your best interest to get legal counsel as soon as possible in this process.

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