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Expectations to be set while arranging a meeting with a car accident attorney



car accident

car accident

After you’ve met with a car accident and you’ve decided to work with a car accident attorney, you’ll probably be thinking about what this visit will be like. What are the main reasons for arranging this meeting? The first reason will be the assessment of your case by the attorney. The second reason is for you to ensure you’re comfortable with the person who is representing you.

Assessment of the case by the attorney

Even though you have chosen a Seattle car accident attorney and done an online or telephonic consultation, the attorney will still want to get a clear image of the facts surrounding your accident case. This is why he will call you in his office to sit down and talk.

Firstly, you have to explain the steps that led to the accident, and the damages or injuries that you’ve sustained. This discussion will be with the attorney or the representative of the attorney like the paralegal or the legal secretary.

Next, he will ask you a set of questions, to which he will expect honest answers. Some such questions are:

  • Did you already speak with your company about the accident? If you did, what did the representative tell you?
  • Did you notify anyone else about the accident? It can be anyone like your family members, friends, first responders, or anyone else in the accident?
  • Are there any eye-witnesses of the car accident?

Don’t hide anything from the attorney

When you’re in the office of the car accident attorney, don’t hold back any relevant data as this can boomerang you in the long run. Even though you feel that it will be embarrassing to share a fact, you should still not hide it. You might not have hired the attorney but remember that the first meeting is always protected by the attorney.

For example, the attorney can decide to represent you at the court based on the details you have provided. But if this information is inaccurate, sooner or later, the truth is going to come out.

What does it mean if the attorney doesn’t accept your case?

In case the attorney doesn’t accept your case, this doesn’t imply that yours is a weak one. Attorneys usually decline cases due to numerous reasons like:

  • Conflict of interest
  • The workload of the attorney
  • The firm of the attorney might not have sufficient resources to fight your case
  • The scope of your lawsuit goes beyond the experience and skills of the attorney

What if the attorney accepts your case?

In case the attorney agrees to represent your case, make sure you ask about the possible results. Whatever he may tell you, bear in mind that the attorney can’t predict chances of success or the damage compensation you may expect. There are several unknown variables that come into play.

So, when you decide to hire an attorney, you’ll have to sign an agreement fee, representation agreement, and other documents to formally accept him as your legal representative.

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