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General Motors to Face Lawsuit Due to Faulty Ignition Switch



General Motors to Face Lawsuit Due to Faulty Ignition Switch

General Motors to Face Lawsuit Due to Faulty Ignition Switch

General Motors faces a lawsuit filed by Robert Olsson, who was injured when his airbags failed to deploy in an accident. Mr. Olsson’s case claims that General Motors “failed to follow industry best practices and ignored known defects with their ignition switch design” despite knowing about fault in this design.

General Motors Facing New GM Ignition Switch Failure Lawsuit

General Motors will soon face a new lawsuit related to a faulty ignition switch. The lawsuit comes on top of lawsuits that have occurred in the past due to faulty ignition switches. The plaintiffs allege that GM knew it was releasing dangerous cars but never notified consumers who were directly affected by this.

Statistics show that over 1.5 million car accidents every year are associated with faulty ignition switches in vehicles. If you’re involved in one of these crashes, it’s important to know your legal rights and the resources available to help you figure out what happened, file a claim, and get compensatory damages. For more information visit

What are the Ignition Switch Failure Lawsuits about

General Motors was sued on 10/06/2018 by three families over claims of defective ignition switches. The lawsuit alleges that GM allowed dealerships to continue selling cars with the faulty switch for more than a decade, which led to the U.S. government and other major automakers issuing official recalls for millions of vehicles due to safety concerns.

Success Rates for GM Ignition Switch Replacement

The company manufactures more than 6 million vehicles worldwide per year. The GM Injury Lawsuits, filed by 22 members of the GM security team, all of whom got sick or recently died, are seeking an end to what they say has been years of negligence on the part of General Motors for not immediately fixing their cars.

Who Can File a GM Ignition Switch Failure Lawsuit?

A lawsuit filed against General Motors on the 20th of October concerns the faulty ignition switches used in thousands of recalled cars throughout the nation. It’s a good thing that GM began recalling these faulty switches earlier than they did because this threat to thousands of Americans could have turned into a reality. GM hasn’t been very cooperative with customers who reported their switches being used involuntarily, claiming that it was normal for a car to start when the owner didn’t have full visibility of him or herself.

The best defenses from a product liability suit are:

1) recall at invention

2) avoid unnecessary spillage

3) hire top-of-the-line audits for your products, and

4) protect yourself by using third-party service providers

Specific Items to include in the lawsuit

General Motors has been warned of a number of lawsuits to expect in the near future. Lawsuits against GM state they are liable for faulty ignition switches because many of the alleged accidents and deaths connected to those alterations have been linked to design defects. There are a variety of items General Motors must face in court, including compensation for all potentially defective cars, liability for any excessive repairs, and repayment for all lost benefits.


General Motors is being sued by dozens of people who experienced a plethora of lethal problems from their $72,000 Chevy Cobalt in what seems to be the ongoing tort epidemic these days. The automaker faces up to 2% of its annual revenue from this lawsuit, which will no doubt skyrocket into the hundreds if the company doesn’t repair the faulty ignition switches for their cars.

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