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How law bring changes in the behavior of people and its relation with human beings?





Law is a weapon through which the actions of the peoples are framed. The frame of actions means there is a boundary to keep the peoples in a circle to make a secure and peaceful society. The word action in the definition refers to security, attack and fear. If anybody doing injustice with others he or she must be very careful that he cannot go beyond the frame of law which is already known to everyone. A people who know the law very well, will not go out of law boundary because he knows that if he crosses that line he will be questioned in court and may be sentenced according to his crime. These are the things and thoughts which bring changes in people’s behaviour, this is how law frames the peoples in a way that there’s all have preserved and equal rights in the society so no one can harm each other. In case anyone is doing he’ll be brought to court.

The difference in opinion can cause conflict that’s why law actions of peoples are framed. Law only applies to actions but not emotions. 

The word action refers to two things, one is right and the other one is wrong, and it is of two types, the other is legal actions and others are moral actions. The actions which are recognized by the legal system of a country are known as legal laws, and law controls such actions that anyone will not be able to do such wrong again. Where the other type of action which is known as Moral action is not controlled by law but is controlled by society, these actions are recognized by natural law and society. For example, if a son disrespects his parents, legal law will not punish him he will be punished by society or by his grand relatives.

If you want to know any country of any society you must know the laws which are applied there. You can get a fair idea about that country from just these laws you can know the approach of a country through this.

If a foreigner comes here to Pakistan he cannot drink (alcohol) and any other toxic materials because the laws of each country changes, so he has to adapt to the changes in his behaviour to be able to live in our country or society. So yes law brings several changes in our behaviour to make our society secure and peaceful.

As we are discussing law, there’s a natural law as well. The natural law is the commands of Allah (also known as divine law). Natural law let us know that how a human being should live in this world when to sleep, when to aware, what to eat etcetera. This shows that how a human being is connected to the law. Especially law is made and applied to human beings, to preserve their rights, to secure them and to make a system where no one can harm each other. Law gives protection to human beings.

Now I will elaborate on the law’s definition, the definition shows us few meaningful words like weapon and action. What is the meaning of these words, how these words gives us more meaning about the law?

So here are the few points from which we can get more information from this definition.

The word Weapon shows use three main points,

Defence: It is the first point which is arising from the weapon word is defence. The word defence shows that we can defend our rights by using the law. If we didn’t have a law we would be in deep trouble to secure ourselves and our rights. We can say where there is law there is remedy because the law is making us feel easy and can relax regarding over rights. If there will be no law then there will be no remedy and we would have been in deep trouble and insecure.

Attack: The second point which is arising from the word weapon is Attack; the word attack shows that we can attack the person who is harming us and doing wrong, or trying to capture our rights we can punish or attack him with the help of law. This will be only possible if we do attack in the circle of law. We can’t go beyond the law if anyone doing wrong with us.

Sense of Fear: The weapon word also showing the sense of fear. These words show that if you are well known from the law then the peoples will fear from you because these know that if we harm him (the person who know the law really well), then he will get us punished using the law. That is why the word sense of fear is used in the definition.

Presently we portray how law acquires changes the conduct of individuals’. So further we depict the law acquires changes the conduct of individuals’ through Intellectual. How insight? Since the miscreant accomplishes something incorrectly then his/her Intellect/psyche will believe that what I am doing isn’t right and he stops wrong things it implies he/she changes her/his Behavior. In the event that somebody is battle with another person and they know the law and they may look for help from the Law.

When in the past when somebody killed someone and later when the beneficiaries of casualty were educated about the killing they would kill somebody from their family yet during the lifetime of individuals’ the people groups thought about the law, as individuals found out about the law individuals changed their conduct.

We rest around evening time and work in a day time that is law in the event that we rest in a day and work around evening time it implies it is illegal ( common law ) so it is clear law gets changes the conduct of individuals’.

At the point when the law changes the general public it is the indication of the start of the advancement of the general public.

Discuss in detail how this subject is improved your approach to law? Analyse the learning outcome of the subject?

This subject a fascinating subject since this subject educated us or mindful concerning law so where there is a cure there is the law.

Without law, we cannot make a Justice, correspondence and resistance in any general public and State. It is my will to join this field since this subject disclose to us how law makes harmony.

As indicated by my considerations if ten individuals in a family at home or enjoying in garden or fix their issues. That they all need to think about law. We rest around evening time and work in the daytime that is the law (characteristic law) on the off chance that we rest in the daytime and work around evening time it is illegal it implies it fluctuates significantly for all too mindful about the law.

This subject educates us regarding our habits. In the event that somebody battles with me and in the event that I thought about the law. I would not battle it however I would FIR over it on the off chance that I didn’t think about the law so I would battle him as well. In the event that anybody mindful about the lawmen would not take and submit infidelity.

Law is the source that we will attempt to change our general public and State and make harmony in the public eye and State/country.

Law is made by us since when we cast vote to any gathering and they pick MNA and MPA and MNAs are the individuals from National Assembly so they can make a law it implies law is made by us on the grounds that these MNA and MPA both are chosen by us.

On the off chance that everybody thinks about the law that nobody might be utilized violated the force of his power. And furthermore, no rich men can foul up to the Poors. We can say that the law is a safeguard or ensures the basic liberties possibly he is poor. Blessed Quran is an ideal book of guidance or law.

Investigation of Law is far superior to different fields Because when we learn about law we will think about what is correct and what’s going on?

People groups say there is no law authorization in the nation except for

“The law does exist today will apply tomorrow won’t make a difference yesterday”

On the off chance that they thought about the law, they would not say that there is no law authorization in the nation.

It implies it is important to all who will think about law.

Without law, the general public cannot make standards and guidelines and cannot create. Where there are people groups there is the law. On the off chance that we think about the law so we can make consistency and conviction. Law secures the inappropriate thought processes of judges. In law, we can’t leave limits. In the event that we day to day routines in the public arena, in the event that we day to day routines with individuals’ or in the event that we live in the universe we simply withstand the arrangement of the universe. Law consequently changes when changing the framework it implies it is vital for all to think about law.

This subject endorsed my methodology quite well

Law isn’t something which is told or appeared in the film’s nevertheless law is a fundamental guideline on which the majority of people’s are driving lives in matter, in actuality, that we have information in genuine or not.

There were many misconceptions in my psyche prior to coming into this field that I believed that there is nothing law in our general public except for when I showed up in this field now I am imagining that in every place there is the law.

Subsequent to coming in law there is adjust in our perspective that law is available in each spot however our general public is disregarding and now I need to share this way to deal with others when I know the law is all over the place.

In the wake of coming into this field, I am feeling something novel in myself and furthermore, I can perceive Crime or something which will be against our general public or law Implies that man Of law additionally have the option to perceive his obligations that what he does in his day to day existence. A wide range of sorts of individuals prevail at the law, and the most appropriate answer truly will rely upon your character. Think about cautiously your own reasons and wellspring of inspiration. We may concur with Aristotle that “the law is reason liberated from energy”, yet an answer with respect to why you may need a vocation in law is the inverse.

It is an uncommon chance to show your enthusiasm, so don’t be reluctant to.

It will help you stand apart close to another person, and a questioner may well recollect you by it.

This doesn’t mean be unusual or wistful. All things being equal be explicit in your answer about your impacts and your regular excitement will radiate through.

A Law influence all aspects of our lives and it are truly not hard to track down models to that: driving a vehicle, purchasing something from a shop, getting into a battle, being utilized, and leasing a house. There is no privileged answer, simply a persuading one.

My own inspiration came from seeing a little piece of the law in real life. I was utilized as an understudy support official when I was approached to research and present my discoveries to a top managerial staff on forthcoming changes to visa guidelines influencing understudies.

By acquiring commonsense knowledge I understood two things – first, the force the law has on individuals’ lives, and

Second, deciphering law adequately can alleviate the loss of pay

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