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How Much Time Required for Becoming a Criminal Lawyer?





Once you are done with higher secondary education, around 3 to 5 years is required to pursue an LLB degree. If you undergo an integrated course of LLB and LLM, it will take up to 5 years. If you are only undergoing in a post graduated the course, then it will only take 2 years to complete the entire education. If a person is undergoing a Ph.D., it takes almost 5 to 6 years.

Becoming a public prosecutor

One can only become a public prosecutor by clearing the union public service commission exam. Every law case is different to deal with, but one should gain enough experience for handling and managing high-profile cases.

Steps for becoming a criminal lawyer

For becoming a Las Vegas Criminal Defense Lawyer, there are certain steps that are necessary for building your career.Before appearing at the entrance, the first step is to complete your higher secondary education. Acquiring up to 50-60% marks in your 10+2 education is necessary.

1. One must complete an undergraduate course

The next step is to complete an undergraduate course in law. A bachelor’s degree in law is required to undergo further law education. You have the option to pursue an LLB degree and further perform a BA LLB degree. Once you are done with an LLB degree, then you can begin your own practice. You can also work under a legal firm by passing the bar exam.

2. Pass the bar council exam

If you want to continue your career in a jurisdiction, then it is important to clear the bar council exam. This is performed either in high or supreme court cases.

3. Doing further studies

The next step is to pursue your studies in law degree by doing post-graduation. This advanced legal course is only completed after completing an LLB. Once you complete this degree then, you can further undergo with post-graduation in LLB (master of law). LLM is a degree that is a specialization degree.

Lastly, Doing legal studies

The next option is to pursue a doctorate degree or Ph.D. Once you have completed this degree, then you can gain experience in legal firms or undergo your own legal practice. For gaining experience in the criminal field, working in a legal firm is very important. This is the only way through which you will get a successful career in the field.

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