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How to File A Wrongful Death Claim After A Fatal Car Accident In Miami



Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death

Nothing can be more painful than losing a relative, friend, or loved one in a car crash. Though such a void created by the accidental death cannot be filled, you still have to get a claim for wrongful death filed to seek compensation.

A wrongful death claim after a fatal car crash in Miami involves several legal steps. It is always preferable that you hire an attorney who specializes in wrongful death claim cases. For more information on wrongful death claims, please visit this website.

Here are five ways to file a wrongful death claim in Miami:

Mention Your Relationship Status

You need to mention your direct relationship with the person who died in the car crash. The legal claimant has to be parents, spouse, children, or blood relation. The adopted siblings are also entitled to this claim.

You can get the claim filed by clearly mentioning your relationship with the deceased. Provide all necessary legal documents to substantiate your relationship claim with the victim.

Attach Death Certificate with Claim

Your claim holds no legal validity unless you attach the original copy of the death certificate ascertaining the cause of the death of the person following the car crash.

The certificate must have been issued by a registered hospital. When you file the death certificate, the court authorities or claim settlement department of the government and insurance company will ascertain it. The damage payment process will begin only after the ascertainment.

Attach First Information Report of Police

Your claim papers cannot get processed if the Police report is missing. The FIR issued by the cops will form the basis of the case. The report will specify how the accident took place and how the death of the person whose claim you have filed took place. The Police report also will contain details of the status or condition of the accident site along with relevant information about the damaged vehicles.

Take Help of Witnesses

When the car accident took place, there must have been one or a few persons present. They might be passersby, bystanders, shopkeepers, traffic police, or anybody. You must create a list of these people and request them to stand as a witness to the accident that led to the unfortunate death of your loved one.

Negligent Driving Led to the Crash

You have to legally prove that the wrongful death happened due to the misconduct or negligent driving of the driver. Your attorney or a law firm can help.

An experienced attorney in Miami can establish that the driver was drunk, listening to songs, or talking to someone while driving the car, which caused the accident.


You must hire a lawyer to get a wrongful death claim filed in Miami. Check the background of the lawyer and ascertain their experience, expertise, earlier record of handling similar cases, and other details before finalizing them.

If they have a proven track record of helping accident victims seeking lawful compensation for wrongful deaths of their relatives, hire them.

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