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Incidents and accidents that come under the ambit of personal injury laws



personal injury

personal injury

The scope of personal injury laws is so expansive that you must engage the most appropriate lawyer who is not a generalist but specializes in specific types of personal injury cases. It is not enough for the lawyer to be highly knowledgeable about the personal injury laws. They must also have experience dealing with the type of case for which you seek legal guidance, and assistance is critical. Moreover, the legal jurisdiction of the case matters a lot because the laws are state specific. Residents of Houston intending to file a claim for compensation for personal injury must consult some Houston Personal Injury Lawyer – Amaro Law Firm and from among them select someone who is an expert in dealing with your type of injury claims.

Lawyers specialize in some specific types of cases and are considered experts in the area. Accidents can be of various types and happen in many different ways but not always vehicular accidents, which constitute the maximum number of personal injury cases. Residents of cities are more prone to accidents because of the rising incidents of road accidents mostly involving various types of vehicles, four wheeler passenger vehicles, 18 wheeler goods trucks, and motorcycles.  Pedestrians, too, might become victims of vehicular accidents.

Let us now look at various types of accidents that come under the ambit of personal injury laws. Knowing the kind of cases will be easier to select the appropriate personal injury lawyer who can handle the case in the best manner to protect your interests. The better understanding you have about the common types of personal injury cases, the easier it will be to figure out the expertise that the personal injury lawyer must possess to handle your case satisfactorily. It will lend more clarity about how you can claim fair compensation for the injuries undergone due to someone else’s wrongful conduct that is tantamount to negligence.

Personal injury cases differ in the nature of the accident that caused the injuries and damages. On analyzing the accident and the situation prevailing at the time of the accident, the lawyer can understand a cause to claim compensation. Only the injuries suffered in an accident are not enough to establish a strong case for claiming compensation unless there is enough evidence to prove that the injuries happened due to the accident, which resulted from another party’s fault or negligence. Had that party been careful enough, the accident might not have happened.

Car, motorcycle, and truck accidents

Most of the accidents on the road involve some vehicle that might collide with one another, crash against a wall or road divider when the driver loses control, injure some pedestrian or turn turtle when skidding off the road. It is hard to determine the cause of the accidents, but the damages are most visible in the form of wrecked vehicles and injuries to people who might or might be the vehicle’s passengers. The injuries from vehicle accidents can range from moderate to severe, and the most severe ones affect the organs and the brain besides causing heavy bleeding and breaking bones.

Usually, the insurance of the other driver helps to recover a part of the damages and suffering. But to obtain compensation for a much higher amount which you feel fair and rightfully due, the expertise and skills of the personal injury lawyer make a huge difference. Although the driver at fault is financially responsible for the injuries sustained by the victim, the plaintiff’s lawyer must support the claim will all documentary evidence. They must include medical reports, police reports, medical bills, insurance information, findings of any private investigator engage in the case that provides critical details of the accident. The better the documentation and evidence, the stronger the claim for fair compensation with higher chances of winning.


Violence in society is increasing at an alarming rate in the US, and injuries from gunshots are especially common.  Incidents of mass shootings in public places are a highly concerning trend worldwide, and teens too are engaging in mindless shooting incidents.  In the US, almost 15,000 people lose their lives in mindless public shootings that leave another 115,000 people wounded in varying degrees, some of which are serious enough to leave people incapacitated for the rest of their lives. It will not be wrong to say that all of us are leading a dangerous life despite the apparent civility that we all boast of. If you are a victim of assault, then the attacker faces prosecution, and you have the right to sue the offender.

Suppose the incident occurred in an apartment complex or store. In that case, you could file a premises liability claim against the management of the apartment complex or store for failing to provide adequate security. A skilled personal injury lawyer can help explore your options because most individual assailants do not have the money to pay for the damages caused by the catastrophic injuries.

Workplace injuries

Although workplace injuries come under the purview of the Workmen’s Compensation Act that holds the employer liable to compensate the affected worker for the injuries, you can widen the scope of compensation by taking recourse to the personal injury laws.  Laws are in place to protect employees’ rights in the event of any injuries at the workplace due to some accidents, but the compensation payable and the procedure of claiming differs between the states, which can make things difficult.  Moreover, there is a scope for claiming higher compensation by taking advantage of the personal injury laws under the guidance of a personal injury lawyer.

Availing compensation under the Workmen’s Compensation Act does not prevent a person from exercising the rights conferred under the personal injury laws. The emotional and mental distress experienced by the victim of cyber security breaches and hacking can fall within the scope of workplace injury laws based on the lawyer’s interpretation following the state’s laws. The lawyer can help victims maximize the claim by using the provisions of both laws judiciously.

Medical malpractice

Medical malpractice cases are one of the most sensitive and complex cases that personal injury lawyers handle. Only an experienced medical malpractice lawyer can provide professional services to help victims win the case, which might take many years. Medical malpractice means the failure of doctors and healthcare providers, including nurses, anesthetists, and other medical professionals, to provide adequate and correct medical treatment. They must use drugs according to the appropriate standard of medical care that results in injury or cause other harm to patients. In such cases, the patient or the relatives and well-wishers can file medical malpractice cases.

Medical malpractice covers wide-ranging situations like improper treatment, surgical errors, prescribing insufficient or wrong medications, misdiagnosis, pharmacy errors, and birth injuries due to mishandling delivery during birth by deviating from the standard practice.

The possibility of an unfavorable medical outcome complicates the medical malpractice cases that often make it extremely difficult to establish the parties’ fault. Just because the medical outcome was unfavorable does not mean that it happened due to negligence or amounts to medical malpractice.

Only a seasoned medical malpractice lawyer can identify the culprits and hold them guilty of inappropriate actions during treatment by proving negligence and aggressively take the case forward to ensure that the patient or client gets the desired compensation for the damage or injury sustained. Conclusively proving that the doctor deviated from offering standard care and treatment is critical for winning medical malpractice cases.

 Products liability

People can suffer injuries when using a defective product that malfunctions because of some manufacturing defect. Sometimes the injuries can be fatal too. The most glaring example is the incidents of mobile phones exploding during charging that injures people around the spot. Known as product liability lawsuits, these cases require extensive legal and technical knowledge, and lawyers must use various resources to prove the manufacturer’s fault who is liable to pay for compensation. Besides manufacturing defects, wrong instructions about handling the product or lack of warnings can cause accidents for which the manufacturer is responsible.

Slip and fall accidents

Slip and fall claims are among the most common personal injury claims. When a person is moving around private or public property and slips and falls on the premises, the person can claim compensation for injuries according to the provisions of the personal injury laws.  According to the law, property owners have the legal responsibility to keep the premises free from obstructions and safe by minimizing hazards to ensure that people can move about safely without encountering any dangerous situation that can injure them.    Only when the lawyer can establish that the property owner failed to discharge the leg responsibility of ensuring the safety of people moving around the premises can the victim claim compensation for injuries.

Despite the best precautions and safety measures, accidents can happen. The victims have the right to claim compensation for injuries only if they can prove the fault or negligence of the party that faltered on occasion.

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