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More than three parties liable in your accident – remove the pressure of claim and seek the support of lawyers





Truck accidents are in no comparison to cars or any other automobile road accident. The consequence of collision that happens due to one of the parties being a commercial lorry is massive. You cannot even imagine the amount of personal injury and property damage if a colossal wagon collides with your vehicle. That is a strong reason you would require a truck accident lawyer Texas | The Wolf of Law Street.

Pursuing a judiciary case for claiming the enormous damage is very challenging. Hire an expert lawyer who is local and has the complete know-how of state law. You can schedule the free legal consultation on your first meeting to discuss the preliminary details of the claim and accident.

Significance of truck accident lawyer

A legal representative who specializes in handling judiciary cases that involve large commercial vehicle accidents is a truck accident attorney. The term ‘truck’ means any massive commercially operated vehicle like big rigs, semi-trucks, delivery trucks, cargo trucks, tractor-trailers, transport trucks, and garbage trucks.

The term commercial vehicle is crucial as it means the typical weight of these trucks will be 25 times more than an average size car. It explains the magnitude of damage and how fatal an accident can become if it involves one. That is one of the significant reasons you require an injury lawyer’s help to process the claim and fight the case.

Parties liable in a truck accident claim

When it is a lorry accident, there are many parties liable. Since it is a massive vehicle, it is not the driver and the insurance company. Your attorney will explain several parties are responsible for paying your compensation. Every statement and every document are essential for these parties to build your lawsuit. Let’s explore who all are at fault:

Truck driver: The foremost and obvious is the truck driver. Speeding, driving under drug influence, drunken driving, violating the regulations, distraction, reckless driving, and not driving reasonable are few to mention causes that contribute to accidents. It is generally the negligence of the driver that leads to catastrophic mishaps.

Truck owner: You must know this because all the lorry drivers are not the vehicle owner. They do not own or have a stake in the truck. They use the car on third-party contracting. So, the wagon is on lease to the commercial vehicle drivers. Because of this, the owner must be liable for any collision.

The owner has to carry regular inspections of the truck and its functionalities. The owner must also carry and background verification of the driver they hire. Failure to complete any of these tasks makes them responsible for the poor running of the vehicle that might cause the collision.

Trucking Company: Some accidents are because of the carelessness of the trucking company; this means the company made mistakes in inspecting the vehicle. It includes inadequate equipment inspections, improper safety gears, unreasonable demands from the driver. Your attorney, an expert in mega commercial vehicle accidents, will identify these gaps and try to make a case accordingly.

Truck maker: The truck manufacturer is also liable for the crash if a particular fabrication defect in the vehicle led to the accident. Defects may go unidentified after an accident, which is why the lawyer plays a crucial role. The team of experts checks the date of making and matches it with the original parts. Sometimes the pieces are from the original build and sometimes after-market parts. Whatever is the reason, the manufacture is under the radar for scrutiny.

Cargo Company: Sometimes the crash is because of over-loading of the lorry. There are specifications and guidelines for the safe loading of the truck. These issues result in dropping cargo (boxes or packages) from the truck during high-speed driving, leading to collisions.

County or city of the accident: The liability is due to the city or county also. If the cause of the accident indicates poor roads or broken road signs that support the diver in understanding the driving pattern, then the country head becomes responsible for the same. Sometimes the lawyers identify that the municipality or the local authority failed to fix the damages even after constant reporting. Then they are liable to pay for the compensation.

Well, the list of parties involved in a truck collision explains why you require a team of legal representatives to chase and get the claims sorted. You can’t manage everything alone. It gets challenging to extract the information from these parties and calls for legal pressure. Only a lawyer can do it with dexterity.

Pursue the compensation with the help of a lawyer

  • Determining the liabilities: To figure out the liabilities in the lorry accident is trickier than a car accident. The reason is there are too many parties involved in a truck collision – the truck driver, the trucking company, the contractor who manages the truck, the makers of the truck, and the insurance company. It is a complex situation. But with the help of legal experts, you can diligently determine the case foundation to build a strong lawsuit.
  • Unfolding the unseen: The truck accident lawyers are incognizant of the possible reasons for fatal accidents. They help in digging evidence from the ignored areas of the collision scene. The attorney properly preserves the proofs and documents to present in the court. A thorough investigation supports collating the possibilities and probabilities of collision and damage.
  • Drafting the legal strategy: The seasoned truck accident lawyers have the experience of ascertaining the right approach to fight the case. Every accident is different as there are other parties involved, and even the reason for the crash is unique; therefore, the legal team drafts the next steps accordingly. You get regular information and updates of the available options to yield the best compensation amount. The attorney will recommend whether the approach requires filing an insurance claim, proceeding with case trials, negotiating with the other party, or arbitrating the case.
  • Handling the insurance company: The insurance adjusters are intelligent representatives from the insurance company who use various techniques in minimizing your claim pay-out. But when you have the support of lawyers, then they are aware of the further complication like a lawsuit against the insurance company so, they avoid the delay or refusal. An expert attorney fights for your deserving rights and ensures the insurance company’s maximum or total claim amount.
  • Intense case preparation: Entering a legal battle is scary, but if you have the support of a lawyer, then it becomes easier. The lawyer gives you the confidence to win the case with his experience and knowledge. The legal experts not only bring qualifications but hold the know-how of various federal and state laws.
  • Get 100% support: It becomes overwhelming to handle the legal proceedings when you are a victim of an accident. As a victim, you hold certain rights but to use those in your interest is difficult. The layer helps you in executing your rights and getting justice.

Compensation for truck accident victims

No two accidents are identical and hold a different degree of damage. But still, there are specific claims which are eligible for most of the accidents. Losses that build your compensation value are:

  • Total charges of the medical expenses
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • The physical or emotional damage that limits your movement
  • All types of pain and sufferings
  • Any loss of family or dear one
  • Property damage
  • Wages loss
  • Future medical expenses

Payment to your attorney – only after your settlement 

You are suffering physical and emotional distress after any massive accident – the injury lawyer comprehends this. That is why you are not liable to pay them anything until you receive the compensation amount. Yes! The injury lawyers have a contingency fee program under which you have no pressure of paying a single penny till the end.

No personal injury lawyer seeks upfront cost, and this adds confidence in the victim to seek justice. When you are under the burden of paying the hospital bills and left with no income-earning capacity, then payment to the attorney is stressful.

You can book a free consultation for your first meeting with the legal team. This period is for you to decide whether you want to go ahead with the attorney or not. Some lawyers do not take some instances of personal injuries, and especially truck accident cases are tricky. That is the reason that the first consultation is free and gives the time to think about it.

Your team of legal experts holds the experience in negotiating the compensation, fighting in the court, running around for collecting evidence, collating the paperwork, filing a plea bargain, and also completing the process before the ‘statute of limitations. The statute of limitation is the time window you get the file for the lawsuit, and if you fail to decide within that timeframe, you must let go of the compensation.

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