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The most essential functions of a corporate lawyer – A take at their functions and roles



corporate lawyer

corporate lawyer

What exactly do you picture in your mind when you hear the term ‘corporate lawyer’? Is it just a well-suited woman, carrying a briefcase, walking up the stairs of your building swiftly? While most of us can successfully conjure up an idea of what a corporate lawyer looks like but we fail to understand what a corporate lawyer does.

Just as there are injury attorneys at Sattiraju & Tharney that help you with all sorts of personal injury cases, similarly, there are corporate lawyers too who can help you resolve your corporate issues. Let’s take a look at the roles and functions of corporate lawyers.

What is the role played by a corporate lawyer?

A pivotal role of a corporate or commercial lawyer is to give proper advice to clients about their responsibilities, rights, and duties as per the law.

Whenever a corporation hires a corporate lawyer, the lawyer becomes the representation of the corporate entity but not its employees and shareholders. It is an overall confusing idea to understand unless you get a grip over the fact that a corporation is treated like an individual under the law.

All the legal issues that encompass a corporation falls under corporate law. There are numerous corporate laws and each of these laws is subject to federal and state regulations. As per the laws of the states, they require corporations to conduct meetings on a regular basis like annual shareholder meetings and much more.

It is the responsibility of the corporate lawyer to ensure corporations are working in compliance with such rules.

Types of tasks done by corporate lawyers

Most of the work done by corporate lawyers is transactional by nature. This means the lawyer spends maximum time assisting a corporation to take steps through which they can avoid litigation. Here are a few jobs done by a corporate lawyer:

  • All sorts of legally binding agreements on behalf of the corporation are reviewed, drafted, and negotiated by a corporate lawyer. These agreements include everything from billion-dollar acquisitions to lease agreements.
  • They help clients design of favorable setup for the firm to be controlled and directed. They create bylaws, draft articles of Incorporation, and advise directors and officers on their roles and responsibilities.
  • They help newbie corporations to look for capital for expanding their business, both in public and private financing.

So, now that you know what a corporate lawyer is, you should hire him whenever you want to resolve your corporate issues.

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