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Questions to Expect from a Judge During a Divorce Hearing  





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In the divorce process, the judge asks about many points to identify the reason, find reasons for reconciliation of the parties, and also make a decision on the issues put forward by the plaintiff. These questions include:

What are the reasons for divorce?

This is the first question that is always asked in litigation. If the desire to divorce is not sufficiently justified (quarrel, misunderstanding), then the judge gives time for reconciliation of the parties. If the grounds are justified (domestic violence, living apart from each other, etc.), then the judge makes a decision on the day of the first hearing.

Does the other spouse agree or disagree with the dissolution of the marriage?

When resolving this issue, the judge finds out the opinion of everyone. If both agree to the dissolution of the marriage, then the claim is satisfied. If the desire to divorce is one-sided, the spouses may be given time for reconciliation.

Where will the children live?

It is advisable for spouses to discuss the issue in advance. Otherwise, the judge will decide the fate of the children based on legislative acts. In case of disagreement, the judge asks additional questions:

  • Who can provide the child with more comfortable conditions;
  • Whose income is higher;
  • What is the desire of the child himself, if he is 10 years old;
  • Which of the parents can pay more attention to the child, etc.

More often, the law is on the side of the mother, especially if the child is still quite small. But even if the child remains to live with the mother, the equal participation of both parents in the upbringing is possible.

What will be the amount and procedure for paying child support?

Depending on who the child lives with, the other parent is required to support the child financially. Parents can agree on the amount of payments and the method of transfer on their own, fixing all the points in the agreement. If the spouses could not reach a consensus, the question goes to the judge.

How will the joint property of the spouses be divided?

The issue can be considered after the dissolution of the marriage. The judge will require checks, receipts, contracts, bank statements confirming the acquisition of property at the time of marriage. Based on the documents and related circumstances, a decision is made on the division. It is impossible to predict exactly how long the divorce process will take.

To speed up the divorce if there are questions about children and property, it is necessary to draw up a written agreement, where the spouses will describe all the decisions made jointly on these issues.

Such questions help the judge make a reasonable judgment that will favor the spouses and children.

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