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Reputation Attorneys for Law Firms





A strong reputation is one of the most important assets for any law firm. It’s an asset that gains trust and loyalty from prospects, clients, partners, regulators, and colleagues.

Legal firms with a stellar online presence and positive lawyer reputation enjoy better client engagement, stronger brand recognition, higher revenue, and greater competitive advantage. But a tarnished or defamatory reputation can have serious consequences for any legal practice.

Online Reputation Lawyers

Online reputation attorneys are a critical part of a successful law firm’s online marketing strategy. They work with legal firms of all sizes and practice areas to help them manage their reputation online.

Having an active online presence that is a reflection of the brand image of the lawyer and their firm can help them win new clients, secure referrals, and strengthen their legal credibility. Attorneys with a strong reputation tend to gain more trust from prospects, clients, partners, regulators, and colleagues than those with a tarnished reputation.

A good reputation management strategy involves addressing the issues of disgruntled customers and responding to reviews in a way that is compassionate, demonstrates client service excellence, and makes it clear that a negative review doesn’t reflect the firm’s overall client experience. This strategy also helps future prospects to see that the firm cares about its customers and that it will make every effort to correct any missteps.

Defamation Lawyers

Defamation lawyers help people protect their reputations, and if they have been the victim of defamation, they fight to clear their names and restore their good name. They are often in the business of sending cease and desist letters, but they also take cases to court.

Whether you are an individual or a business, there are many things to consider when choosing a lawyer. It is important to select one with whom you have a positive working rapport.

If you are the victim of a defamatory statement, a New York slander lawyer will help you protect your rights and seek financial compensation for damages. They will also make sure that those responsible for the defamatory statements are punished.

When you are hiring a lawyer for your case, be sure to ask them about their hourly fees. These can be a significant expense.

Public Relations Lawyers

Public Relations Lawyers work with law firms and attorneys to build and enhance their reputations. They can also help attorneys develop and execute a PR strategy for litigation or crisis communications.

Public relations professionals can play a pivotal role in the success of a case, particularly when they are able to frame a story that stakeholders can understand and use to reach their objectives. In addition, media coverage can help a firm get in front of a new audience and gain attention from potential clients.

Legal and public relations should work together to coordinate their objectives so that their strengths complement each other and create exceptional client results. This requires each party to understand that they are different and respect the other’s strengths and preferences.

Crisis Management Lawyers

When a crisis emerges, whether it’s a government investigation, data breach, product recall, corporate scandal, transportation crash or insider criminal conduct, organizations need rapid and sure-footed response. That’s where crisis management lawyers step in.

At Peters Brovner, we have decades of experience managing challenging situations and protecting our clients’ legal and reputational interests. This requires strategies that both address the legal risk and develop, rebuild and protect the client’s public image.

Our crisis management lawyers are experts in a wide range of areas, including litigation, regulatory, compliance, labor, employment, cybersecurity, environmental, insurance, surety and government contracts law. During and following a crisis, our team of attorneys and on-call consultants work with your organization to prepare for the event, respond effectively and minimize legal exposure, while protecting your reputation.

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