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Sexual Harassment Training Is Essential



Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment

The Uncomfortable Threat

Sexual harassment ( is truly an uncomfortable nightmare to be on the receiving end of. Just this past Friday, my next-door neighbor sent me an unsolicited inappropriate picture of a body part, and it absolutely disgusted me. I spent the next few days (including today) totally uncomfortable as I read through his half-baked apologies. His privilege is showing, because he is truly full of nonsense as he continues to lie his way into trying to explain his disgusting behavior without being taken fully accountable. His wife of ten months just gave birth to a baby three weeks ago, who I recently met. This man is absolutely horrifying, and he is a classic example of why sexual harassment training ought to be offered to everyone in the world, not just in the United States of America.

The dehumanizing experience of being disturbed in this way by another person is truly upsetting because you are then forced to continue interacting with this person in a way that alienates your authentic experiences. You understand your own existence and desires less as you get caught up in the performance of comfort, losing yourself in the process, which risks losing your authentic feelings in that way. There is a toxicity to this behavior that assists people who already possess an incredible amount of privilege, as my able-bodied, tall, wealthy, white, cisgender, heterosexual neighbor does himself.

The Nature of The Problem

People do not understand that just because someone is a white male who is stale and pale, this person does not automatically deserve to have tons of privilege. These are people who are keen to portray themselves as victims despite the fact that they have victimized others, and as a result, they need to learn more about how best to interact with others without being disgusting, offensive and problematic. People of different eras might have said that you should go on with life, ignoring the way you have been treated by the person who has harassed you, but instead, it is incredibly hard to do so as the emotional burden of being hurt and bothered in this way.

You can have a harmonious life that can descend into nonsense and foolishness if the person who harasses you is extremely close to you in physical proximity like a neighbor or a coworker, especially a boss or subordinate. People take no hostages when it comes to their own self-interest, and a person who is interested in harming others can be someone who just gets on with business by refusing to dilute the danger of their own actions. What motivates someone to behave this way, especially if they are arrogant and have huge opinions of themselves? Those people can be ruthless in pursuing their own image and version of themselves, and as a result, they can be consistent in their pattern of behavior in bullying and harming others.

There are so many examples of people who are the worst people you ever have to work with in your life, simply because they pretend to be benign sweethearts when in reality, they are evil in the pursuit of their own self interests. These people need sexual harassment trainings because they are good at sidestepping the accountability that they likely are not met with controversy due to their incredible privilege and power in social, cultural and economic spaces. People are acquiring incredible power with the acquisition of money and as a result, they sometimes exploit that power with their creepy and problematic actions.

Legal Resources Are Available

If you have been sexually harassed, you can seek legal recourse, but it is likely to not end up in your favor because in the United States of America as in most countries, this type of harassment and treatment is not taken seriously. Therefore so many people simply take these situations to their graves, especially people who identify as men, who are socialized when they are little boys and adult men to pretend that their poor treatment simply did not happen. As an experience, people are not excited to discuss the ways they have been victimized, which is why it can be hard for people who are not accustomed to being challenged about their behavior.

Ultimately, this type of compliance training is not going to just be for the benefit of your organization, school, business, or place of work. It is going to be for the benefit of all of humanity, which is why people who harass others being able to dominate society is not okay. This type of education can be helpful because it can open up a lot of doors for people communicating with one another better when everyone in the situation feels safe to exist without being mistreated.

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