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The Penalties of A Notice of Intended Prosecution for a Motoring Offence



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Automobile offenses are a reasonably common situation on the road. Many drivers break the road rules, trying to shorten the way to work, thinking that no one will make any claims. Because of this, in some situations, it comes to the deprivation of a driver’s license.

You should carefully review the steps to follow when receiving a notice of intended prosecution for a motor vehicle offense to take further action. This issue should not be delayed, as many other unpleasant consequences are possible in the future.

How is a NIP sent in the event of an automobile offense?

The NIP in the case of a motor vehicle offense may be mailed or issued orally. If the vehicle is not eliminated immediately, the police can file a claim against the driver within two weeks of the accident. As a rule, at the time of delivery of the notice by mail, you will receive the following information in the document:

  • the exact time of the incident;
  • type of vehicle involved in the accident;
  • type of offense – this may be speeding,  traffic violation rules at traffic lights, and more;
  • the scene of the incident.

The driver must respond to the notification without fail. Otherwise, he may be found guilty by a court decision. It is best to write to a lawyer who will help solve the problem quickly and without any particular consequences.

Rules for issuing a notice of intended prosecution

There are some rules that police officers follow when giving a notice of intended prosecution of a driver. You should also pay attention to the existing exceptions to these rules:

  • If the driver was caught at the scene of a car crime, in this case, the document is not sent to him by mail since the incident is apparent on the spot. In this case, the driver is immediately fined, or other measures are taken depending on the case’s complexity.
  • It is challenging to serve a notice due to a lack of information about the vehicle’s registered owner. As a result, the police fail to deliver the message within the prescribed time limit, reducing the risk of receiving fines or other restrictions.

In some situations, a fine can be issued immediately after fixing the fact of a car accident. The acceptable amount depends on the type of offense, the presence of car accidents in the past, and other features. If the offense is too severe, then it may go to trial. In this case, you should enlist the help of a professional lawyer who specializes in traffic accidents.

The NIP has no strict limits or expiration dates in such a situation. It can be sent even a few months after the incident.

Your actions if you receive a NIP

If you receive a notification, do not panic. Reading the document’s text and evaluating your perspectives carefully is essential. You will be required to provide your answer. Otherwise, you will automatically be found guilty.

If you are sure of your innocence, you should definitely use the help of a qualified lawyer specializing in these matters. This will help you avoid unpleasant consequences for yourself and reduce the risk of losing your driver’s license or receiving significant fines.

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