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Top 5 Solicitors In The UK





Civil solicitors are lawyers who have specialized in helping their clients to solve non-crime disputes.  Where disputes cannot be resolved out of court they are likely to lead to court proceedings.

In the UK, there are several law firms that offer civil litigation services. In this review, we list some of these law firms you can reach out to if you have issues with insolvency, civil fraud, property freezing order, and other cases.

#1- Kangs Solicitors

Kangs Solicitors is one of the top law firms based in London, Manchester, and Birmingham, UK.  The law firm has been able to establish an excellent reputation for offering valuable law services to their clients in the UK.

They have specialized in civil law offering services in different areas such as Civil Recovery Investigation, ADR & Mediation, Civil Fraud & Asset Recovery, Cryptocurrency disputes, and many others.

The law firm has a qualified team of solicitors with many years of combined experience. The team is dedicated to ensuring their clients’ cases are well-fought.

Kangs is the Winner of the LEGAL 500. This makes it one of the best specialist law firms you can call when you’re having any civil litigation cases in the UK.  The law firm acts for SMEs, private individuals, large corporations, and owner-managed businesses.

#2 – Brett Wilson LLP

Brett Wilson LLP is a law firm that specializes in online harassment, regulatory proceedings, civil litigation, family law, and deformation. The law firm is based in the City of London and has been offering their clients the most reliable services.  They have a team of solicitors who work closely with clients to ensure they identify and meet their objectives.

When you have a civil dispute that you need to handle, it is important to have a civil solicitor you can count on. Brett Wilson LLP adopts a transparent approach when handling your case.

They charge a fair price and still assure you the most efficient and effective outcome in your case. The law firm also gives you the chance to crowd-fund your legal case, an aspect that makes them stand out from the rest of the park.

#3 – DLA Pipers

DLA Piper is a global law firm with a team of solicitors who are experienced in civil litigation, ADR, investigations, and arbitration. Their team of solicitors is well equipped with the relevant knowledge and skills to apply political, economic, and cultural contexts in all civil cases.

With a global reach, you can be sure that your civil dispute is going to be handled with one of the best lawyers.  The law firm engages clients throughout the case to manage the potential risks and implement all the solutions helping you reduce costly escalation.

The team of dispute and regulatory lawyers at DLA Piper is one of the largest globally.  This law firm has been recognized by The Lawyers Top 50 Litigation survey as one of the best on civil litigation.

#4 – Gardner Leader

Gardner Leader is one of the top law firms in the UK with offices in Berkshire, Swindon, Maidenhead, Windsor, and London, UK.  The law firm has been in existence for over 120 years, offering its clients the best law services in different fields.

They have specialized in dispute resolution, employment, corporate & commercial, family law, inheritance protection, and many other fields.

This law firm has built an excellent reputation by offering private individuals, businesses, and large organizations the most reliable law services. They have a team that is well conversant with the law. They ensure client cases are dealt with sensitively and efficiently.

#5 – Joanna Connolly Solicitors

Joanna Connolly Solicitors is a law firm in the UK. They are specialized in Consumer credits, general litigation, court advocacy, wills, and power of attorney.  For many years the law firm has been offering the most reliable law services in the UK at affordable prices. The law firm is specialized in providing services in different sectors in a professional and friendly way.

The law firm utilizes Joanna Connolly or other solicitors in their team on court advocacy. The solicitors are well equipped with UK law and seek to represent their clients with utmost professionalism.

Whether you are buying property in the UK for the first time or have issues with property inheritance, you can reach out to the law firm. This law firm is based in Liverpool, UK.

Final Thoughts

Civil dispute cases are not that easy to settle if you don’t have an experienced solicitor to stand by your side. If you are looking for the most reliable lawyer to handle your case, you can count on the five law firms mentioned here.

When you contact a law firm to handle civil litigation, you want to ensure they are well equipped, experienced, and skilled to improve your chances of winning the case.

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