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Solicitors in Australia are referred to as “Lawyers” instead of “Solicitors,” and the word is used interchangeably. To work as a solicitor, one must have earned a bachelor’s or master’s degree from an accredited university or college.

Before applying for membership to the bar, recent law graduates must undergo Practical or Supervised Legal Training. People licensed to practice law in Australia may use the name “lawyer” if they possess a practicing certificate, which is required to practice law in Australia.

What Does a Melbourne Solicitor/Lawyer Do for a Living?

A Lawyer/Solicitor can help you with a variety of legal issues:

  • They’ll work directly with you in most cases, focusing on a particular area of expertise.
  • They will handle legal chores and complicated concerns on your behalf.
  • They will attend to your legal needs and give you sound legal counsel and assistance.
  • They are capable of negotiating on your behalf and will continuously operate in your best interests.
  • It is up to the Solicitor/Lawyer to collect information and calculate claims amounts, handle Family Law proceedings and administer Wills/Estates, depending on the kind of service requested by the client.
  • It is doubtful that your Solicitor will represent you in a challenging case if it goes to Court. If necessary, they will refer you to a Barrister who can represent you in Court.

What do Melbourne Commercial Lawyers Specialize In?

In Australia, numerous distinct types of corporate and commercial law are practiced.

Corporate/commercial law is essentially concerned with the following issues:

  • Contract law as it applies to business organizations; and The Corporations Act 2001, Australia’s principal company law legislation, is being interpreted and applied. As a result, practicing corporate and commercial law is required in Australia.
  • A thorough understanding of contract law that is derived mainly from Common Law with specific parameters imposed by statute such as legislation dealing with consumer protection, unfair contracts, competition/anti-trust law, and time-bars on claims.
  • mStrong knowledge of corporate law, including the Businesses Act, which controls all forms of legal entities, including Australian-incorporated foreign corporations and various types of trusts such as managed investment schemes.
  • The Corporations Act governs these activities: incorporation; membership rights and responsibilities; corporate governance (e.g., director responsibilities & meeting requirements); solvency; funding (debt & equity); financial services licensing; capital management (e.g., share buyback & capital reduction); (including public company takeovers, schemes of arrangement, and compulsory acquisition of securities).

Other important regulatory bodies in Australian corporate and commercial law practice include the Takeovers Panel (with significant oversight of takeovers and arrangements involving companies with 50 or more members) and ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission). In a listed business context, further understanding of financial markets and financial markets operators in Australia (mainly ASX Ltd and ASX Ltd’s listing criteria) is required.

Businesses in Australia must effectively traverse the complicated web of legal requirements because of the country’s highly regulated corporate and commercial environment. Companies and their directors and shareholders may face severe repercussions if they fail to meet these standards, extending beyond civil law.

In a corporate environment that is so complicated, it is essential to seek the assistance of commercial attorneys who are well versed in the law and can offer you continual support.

The best commercial lawyers Melbourne has dealt with many commercial issues over many decades. Many different companies and industries benefit from their services.

Consequently, to successfully represent their clients, corporate and commercial lawyers must be well-versed in a wide range of issues.

What is the Focus of Commercial Lawyers in Melbourne?

Small and medium-sized enterprises are the primary focus of commercial lawyers in Melbourne, who specialize in all elements of commercial law.

Commercial attorneys are proud to provide their clients with unmatched, cost-effective legal counsel because of their diverse industry knowledge, including hospitality, retail, the creative industries and professional services.

Every step of the way, they keep a customer well-informed and involved in achieving their objectives. Professionalism and thoroughness are hallmarks of commercial attorneys’ counsel, and they concentrate on the needs of their clients above everything else.

What are the Services Provided by Melbourne Commercial Lawyers?

  • Drafting and consulting concerning shareholder and unit holder agreements, partnership agreements, and joint ventures; and the buy and sell of businesses in the hotel, creative industries, retail, and professional services sectors.
  • Contract negotiations include supply and licensing agreements, contractor/employee and confidentiality agreements, and franchising.
  • Drafting, reviewing, advising, and negotiating commercial leases.
  • Licensing encompasses anything from liquor licenses to building permits.
  • Trademark registration to license intellectual property.
  • Resolving disputes, including arbitration, VCAT, Magistrates’ Court, County Court, and Supreme Court processes.

Top 5 Commercial Lawyers in Melbourne

Lord Commercial Lawyers

Lord Commercial Lawyers is a Melbourne-based firm specializing in all facets of commercial and company law. They work with a broad spectrum of companies, from start-ups to well-established multinational corporations.


Employment Law

Commercial Contracts and Business Agreements

Commercial Lease Lawyers

Buying and Selling a Business

Wills and Estates Lawyers Melbourne

Intellectual Property

Trademark Lawyer Melbourne

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Conveyance and Property Transactions

Rosendorff Lawyers

Since 1898, Rosendorff Lawyers has provided exceptional legal services via the venerable McCay & Thwaites law office. Founded by Alan Rosendorff over two decades ago, Rosendorff Lawyers is one of Melbourne’s top boutique commercial law companies.


Commercial, Corporate, and Business Law

Property Law & Conveyancing


Building & Construction

Intellectual Property

Employment and Workplace Relations

Wills and Estate Planning

Commercial Litigation

Bankruptcy Law and Insolvency

Franchise Law

Taurus Legal Management

In January 2015, Alex Martin created Taurus Legal Management in reaction to major commercial legal firms’ lack of customer care. Alex’s star sign is “Taurus,” which has long been linked with power, wealth, and success in the financial markets. Previously, it signified the company’s dedication to the success of its customers. The law firm is dedicated to providing top-notch customer service while also achieving impressive financial outcomes.


Specialized Business Law

Debt Recovery




LGM Advisors

LGM Advisors has been in operation for more than 15 years and has established a Melbourne-based legal business. They have expertise with ASX-listed firms and small and medium-sized enterprises, and multinational corporations.

They provide specialized legal services to a wide range of clients in various sectors and fields of law. They are experts in law relevant to companies, such as contracts and intellectual property conflicts.


Dispute Resolution

Contract Lawyer

Intellectual Property Lawyer

Employment Lawyer

Eales & Mackenzie

Eales & Mackenzie handles a wide variety of transactions involving persons and corporations that need the provision of competent legal services in Australian and international jurisdictions.

Small and medium-sized companies, as well as established enterprises, may depend on their Melbourne business lawyers. Eales & Mackenzie’s mission is to give the most remarkable legal guidance in all areas of commercial law.


Business structures


Business acquisitions

Industrial relations

Partnership and joint venture agreements

Intellectual property issues

Debt recovery

Business succession

Leasing and licensing


Business sale and purchase

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