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What Happens When A Criminal Case Goes To The Grand Jury?



What Happens When A Criminal Case Goes To The Grand Jury?

What Happens When A Criminal Case Goes To The Grand Jury?

The grand jury plays a very important role in criminal offense cases and legal procedures. It is also known as the performing accusatory. A grand jury is not a jury trial, and it does not determine guilt or innocence. It is much more preliminary than that. The grand jury decides whether there is enough evidence to charge a person with a crime or not. As mentioned earlier, the grand jury doesn’t hold power to declare someone guilty or innocent. The trial jury consists of 12 members, whereas the grand jury consists of 16 to 23 members. Only a few specific persons are allowed to attend the grand jury.

Grand Jury – A Shield against Unjust Prosecution

You can think of a grand jury as a shield against unjust prosecution. Among other things, a grand jury is supposed to make sure that if there is no evidence against a person, they will not be accused of a crime. If the grand jury decides that there is enough evidence to accuse the suspect of a crime, the suspect is indicted. The head of the grand jury signs a document known as an indictment. The grand jury indictment holds a special position. It is a serious document. However, if the person isn’t found guilty, then the jury does not issue a no-bill. The defendant isn’t allowed to show any engagement in the jury.

Grand Jury and the Evaluation of Evidence

The place where the trial is held is called the venue. The jury listens to the witnesses and the prosecutor and then votes according to the pieces of evidencegathered. The prosecutor has to show good conduct in front of the jury. The reason is that he is supposed to represent himself as a court officer whose goal is to protect the innocent and not let the guilty escape away easily.  This is exactly what a criminal defense attorney in Knoxville TN does.

Grand Jury vs. Simple Court 

A grand jury isn’t required for all cases. A simple court hearing allows the public to attend the session and consists of lawyers from both sides anda judge. However,the grand jury has a relaxed environment. There isn’t any judge or lawyer. Only a prosecutor presentsall the evidence before the jury and suggestslaw-abiding resolutions. The proceedings of the grand jury are confidential. This is done so that the witnesses feel safe and open up without any fear. Also, it helps in protecting the image of the defendant if he isn’t found guilty.

If a person is found guilty, then the next step isa jury trial. Most states don’t require a grand jury, but many allow it in cases associated with a criminal offense. It is how the grand jury operates. Though some countries don’t consider a grand jury much important, it should be implemented to ensure that the real culprit is being punished and not the innocent one.

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