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What is the duty of a criminal defense lawyer?



What is the duty of a criminal defense lawyer?

What is the duty of a criminal defense lawyer?

Being a criminal defense lawyer is not only to handle the cases of criminals but to speak on the behalf of your client. Not every legal issue means that you must hire a defense lawyer, but when you are in the situation do not delay it. There are innocent people and your lawyer must prove it to the court. They make sure they have enough proof and they go through every single thing about your case. Being a defense lawyer is to understanding that the life of a person is at stake. 

There are so many talented people like Gagan Pannu, one of the best criminal lawyer in Brampton. You can learn so much from him that how his cases are fought and won. He makes sure that his clients can have hope and if they are hiring him, he will do everything it takes. 

Being a strong and confident criminal defense lawyer is not everything you have to fulfill all the duties that are on you. Let’s check them in detail. 

  • Introduction to the case:

The defendant or his/her family can contact you or you can be directly assigned by the court. It is your responsibility that from whatever source the case comes, you take a good look at it. Now, the person’s future or life is in your hands. You know everything about the local or state courts so make sure you start by getting the victim out of there. 

  • Interview your client:

You must go and meet your client and ask every little detail that could help out the case. Write down a series of questions and assess each answer of your client. Being a lawyer, you have the sense to judge the truth or false coming from a person’s mouth. In both ways, he/she is your client so first make sure that you question in the right way and get all the answers. 

  • Investigate the case:

Now, if you want to be like Gagan Pannu, one of the best criminal lawyer in Brampton, take this part seriously. The investigation is one of the most important parts and you are the sole person who has to determine everything. Talk to the police, witnesses, or the victim’s family to know every minute detail. Even slight information gives you the edge to turn the tables in this case. Build a strong defense based on your information that you can present in front of the jury and the court. 

  • Find and analyze evidence:

You must go to every length and find out pieces of evidence related to the case. It will help your client to prove innocent. Make sure that you examine it completely before giving it to the court. 

These are the major duties that involve in the start to the middle of the case. The other duties are subjected to change based on where the case is going. The other duties will be:

  • Talking to your client regularly to discuss 
  • Selecting the jury
  • Plea bargaining with the prosecutor
  • Preparing for multiple trials
  • Sentencing of your client whether innocent or how much time they need to serve. 

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