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What is the Significance of the Study?



What is the Significance of the Study?

What is the Significance of the Study?

Quick Answer: The significance of study is discussed in your thesis or article opening. Its goal is to explain why your research was necessary and what unique contribution it made to expanding academic understanding of your subject.

What does the Significance of the Study mean?

The significance of the study is a formal statement that clarifies why your research was necessary. It justifies the importance of your work and its influence on your study field, as well as its contributions to new knowledge and how others will be benefited from it.

Why is the Significance of the Study important?

The study’s importance, also known as the study’s rationale, is vital for conveying to the reader why the research activity was significant. This may be an academic reviewer evaluating your peer-reviewed article, an examiner reading your PhD thesis, a funder examining your grant application, or another research group reading your published journal piece. Your academic writing should make it apparent to the reader what the study’s relevance was, what contribution you made, and what advantages it provided.

How do you write the Significance of the Study?

When writing this part, consider the gaps in knowledge in your study subject. What topics have little or no prior published literature and are therefore poorly understood? Alternatively, what issues have others already reported on still require more research? This is commonly known as the problem statement.

Within the importance of the study, the opening portion should contain you articulating the issue statement and explaining to the reader where the gap in the literature is.

Then consider the relevance of your research and thesis study from two perspectives: (1) what is the overall contribution of your research to your area, and (2) what specific addition you have made to knowledge and who benefits the most from it.

For example, in this case, a knowledge gap may be that the advantages of dumbbell exercises for patients healing from a broken arm are not thoroughly recognised. You may have conducted research comparing the impact of dumbbell training in patients with fractures to those who did not undergo dumbbell exercises and discovered an advantage to their usage. The study’s broad importance would be improved knowledge of efficient physiotherapy procedures. Your unique contribution has demonstrated that specific dumbbell training regimens significantly increase the pace of healing in individuals with broken arms.

When writing a thesis, this statement should be no more than 500 words long. The information in a research paper should be brief, no more than 200 words.

Significance of the Study: An example

Based on the above hypothetical academic study, below is an example of a thorough explanation of the study’s relevance for you to consider when writing your own. However, remember that there is no one approach to writing the correct significance statement, and it may very well rely on the topic area and the study material.

The most typical way for an arm bone to break is by a distal radius fracture of the wrist. Previously, the effect of dumbbell exercise in recuperation was unclear. This study aims to enhance the physiotherapy delivered to wrist fracture patients during rehabilitation. This study’s findings will immediately aid individuals with wrist fractures in restoring muscle health and strength. The dumbbell exercises suggested may be introduced by physiotherapists into their routines with these patients, which may also be performed at home by the patients. People who have suffered wrist fractures can restore normal function and return to work sooner if they recover faster and with fewer problems.


Students and researchers utilise the statement of the study’s relevance in academic writing to express the significance of the research undertaken; this part is placed after the introduction and should highlight the specific contribution made and who it helps.

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