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What to Do After a Personal Injury



Personal Injury

Personal Injury

Personal Injuries are Common and Serious

Let’s assume that you lived in Central Illinois, and you were a loved one has been the victim of a negligent truck driver, medical malpractice, or even experienced a wrongful death claim and your family. At this point you may be wondering how to find the most appropriate and locally connected personal injury lawyer to handle your case.

Personal injuries, particularly car and truck accidents, are very frequent in Illinois, and incidences of medical malpractice are also on the rise.  In fact, there were over 319,000 car crashes in Illinois in 2018 according to the Illinois Department of Transportation.

After seeking Medical Care, Legal Representation is a Must

This is a very important decision and that often times automobile wrecks and personal injury cases can have a lifelong impact on the victims ability to earn, you can even result in death. There is far more to the case then trying to get the highest amount of money possible.

With such a vast a complex array of potential defendants and injuries, accident and injury matters in Illinois are among the most complex and require the best and most attentive local counsel possible. In order to help you find the best lawyer for the case it is important to consider the following factors:

First, Hire a LOCAL Personal Injury lawyer.

For instance, if you live in Central Illinois, whether in Champaign County, Vermillion County, McLean County, or any surrounding towns, you have no doubt seen many ambulance- chasing personal injury attorneys from Chicago in St. Louis advertising in your own backyard.  These are not true local law firms.

The reason why out of town attorneys in law firms advertise so heavily in central Illinois it’s because there is a high volume of both automobile traffic, semi truck traffic, and other personal injury cases due to the types of occupations and medical facilities present and champagne or banner and beyond. These out of town law firms realize that they can make quick and easy money by exploiting the trust of local Central Illinois Injury victims and by settling cases quickly and with little financial investment.

Look for a lawyer who only represents the injured-not insurance companies

Many times all firms will represent both plaintiffs (people) and defendants. While this practice is not only common throughout central Illinois and Decatur, Bloomington, and other midwest towns, it is not appropriate to reach out to an attorney who also represents insurance companies.  In fact, some very reputable and highly successful law firms practiced both personal injury litigation as well as business transactions and probate law since many times the two are necessary in order to fully represent individual clients.  Elizabeth Holder, states, “By offering personal injury support, and business and estate advice, we can serve our local community which is our priority.” The key is that the law firm you choose to protect you after a car accident should represent individuals far more often and it represents companies.

Don’t look at reviews—ask your friends and family

Ever since websites such as auto and yelp have decided to publish star-based reviews on their websites in order to sell ads, there’s been rampant fraud associated with reviews for law firms and other professional services.

This is particularly true in Central Illinois since most dedicated products liability firms and medical malpractice firms focus on representing fewer clients in major cases rather than focusing clearly on volume. This is why when you are deciding which law firm to represent you in your case, you should ask prominent members of the community and your friends and family who they recommend, or even which law firms they have heard of.

Community feedback is a far more valuable resource and choosing the appropriate law firm that any sort of bought and paid for review what you find on Google or Yelp for instance.  You can also contact local advocacy organizations such as Land of Lincoln Legal Clinic in Champaign to see if they have insights on lawyers.

Look at the results

Finally, it is always good to work at a personal injury law firms results before hiring an attorney to handle your complex injury case in central Illinois. While most law firms make their best results well-known on their websites, many times you can also Google the name of the law firm in conjunction with the term plaintiff and find public records that could be more accurately reflective of the type and quality of work which the firm generally but here’s to.

This is not true in our cases, so again, feel free to ask a lawyer who you were interviewing what type of success they have Jarius Jarius types of cases. It is not uncommon for a law firm to only list and publish their multi million dollar settlement a jury verdicts rather than cases with smaller recoveries in order to make themselves look more heroic. This however does not do a service to the client or the law firm since it is quite possible your case may not be $1 million case but you still wish to have the best representation possible.

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