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Free Consultation Services In Dubai



Consultation is considered the essential part when it comes to dealing with legal issues. Many people do have a legal problem but have no idea how to go about it. Whether they need to find a solution or file a case, they need consultation services. Similarly, if a claim has been filed against them, what to do about it also comes with consultation advice. Consultation services in Dubai cover each aspect of a legal issue that can affect a person’s life.

Free Consultancy Services for All

One can find numerous free consultation lawyers in Dubai and approach them for legal aid and guidance. Lawyers in Dubai expect their clients to have gone through a consultation first and then come looking for legal action. This way, the client is clear about his objectives and can have a thorough discussion with his appointed lawyer.

Advocates in Dubai make sure that their clients avail all the legal services. The first round is always related to consultation, where a client comes with their problem, learns its legal aspects and the course of action that will most likely make the problem go away.

Free consultation services in Dubai were an initiative that the government of U.A.E. itself first established. Later, it was adopted by every law firm and brought into everyday practice by the lawyers in Dubai. Dubai lawyers make sure that free legal advice is given to the rich and the poor.

Equality In Services

Lawyers in U.A.E. are staunch supporters of providing free legal aid to their clients. This way, the poor or the underprivileged do not hesitate to avail of legal services. They can come up with their issues at any time and seek free legal advice. This way, options are provided to them for hiring their lawyer for the case. If they cannot afford one, the legal services file their claim and then appoint a lawyer accordingly free of cost.

Dubai lawyers who the legal services department appoints help you fight your cases without having to spend a penny. They relieve you of all your financial concerns. This way, people belonging to the poor or middle class can have legal representation in any field they want.

The most significant advantage of free consultation lawyers in Dubai is that their services extend to everyone willing to have some legal insight into their matters. One doesn’t have to be very rich or extremely poor to qualify for gaining legal advice. It is a service to the State for its citizens. 

Commercial Law Dubai And Consultancy Services

Dubai is a hub that invites people from around the world to set up their businesses and run them according to the terms and conditions of the State. Commercial law Firm in Dubai also offers free legal consultation to its clients before moving or setting up any retail trade or merchandise activity in U.A.E.

The lawyers in U.A.E. make sure that their clients easily understand the commercial law of Dubai before they can make their investments. It is done to protect the patents and assets of their clients. Otherwise, the Advocates in Dubai have the right to make a legal case against you if you are operating without proper licenses. 

New Helpful Initiatives

In collaboration with all the great Advocates in Dubai, the courts are offering electronic legal consultancy that is free for citizens. This new initiative is referred to as “Shoor”. In all, three electronic devices have been set up. They are made available to the public in partnership with law firms. 

“The Shoor” means consult. It is there to give legal advice to citizens seeking help in labor issues, personal matters, financial problems, or civic matters. The Shoor also makes judicial transactions easy for their clients. This initiative was taken to promote legal awareness among people and fight the misconception that legal services are not available.

It also aims to bring betterment and build trust between the community and courts. More than 46 lawyers in Dubai have signed up for answering the issues of the public. This was the enrollment during the experimental phase. Now, many more lawyers in U.A.E. have been hired to solve public queries. 

Introducing “Al Salfa” System

Dubai lawyers think that the public has the right to know about their obligations and rights as per State’s law. Justice should be free and provided to all. There are special courts for this purpose too. They are called “Al Salfa”. It allows clients to register their legal problems via electronic systems. This saves their time spent in courts approaching a lawyer. 

“Al Salfa” system is a new establishment in the Middle East. Applicants can register themselves for a legal issue and upload all their documents, pay online fees, and get their hearing date via the online portal. The 

“Al Salfa” means an issue or a story. It referred to a person who could fulfill a judicial role in U.A. E’s local community in the past. The services were started as an experiment at first, but later on, many local and international law firms were given notice of installing this system. Once it was successfully installed, more than three thousand cases were registered instantly. With time, Dubai lawyers will make it mandatory for all law firms to have this service.

Online Procedure Guidelines

Once a query has been registered, the cases are scanned electronically, and the appropriate department is contacted. They get back to the client electronically, asking them to upload all the relevant documentation related to the legal query. The applicant is then given a serial case number. Once the fee has been paid, a date is given to the applicant for the first hearing. 

This way, the client can only approach the court once an exact date has been given and not otherwise. The entire system works very methodologically. There is no rush, and neither can contact the lawyer face to face until the full query has been registered in the system. This saves a lot of time for the client as well as the lawyers. 

Wrapping It Up

These new online systems are revolutionizing the consultancy services in Dubai. They are promoting legal services and making sure they are available to the poor and the rich alike. Our associate attorneys offer the best legal aid and guidance to their clients.

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