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5 Tips On How To Decorate Your Home For Thanksgiving



Thanksgiving is a perfect time for family and friends to catch up with each other, eat, tell stories, and perhaps spend a few days relaxing before going back to their busy life. You’ve probably spent thanksgiving as a guest in other people’s homes, and this year you would like to be the host for a change. If that’s your situation, then brace up, you’ve got a lot of planning to do, plus there are going to be some expenses associated with it.

Finding cheap Thanksgiving decorations isn’t hard if you know where to look and when. If you are thinking of throwing a thanksgiving party this year, the following tips will help you tastefully decorate your home without breaking the bank. 

  1. Buy Reusable Decor Items

If you put on a good show for your family and friends, they might likely want you to host again in the future, and you don’t want to buy new items all over again. From Thanksgiving table decor to patio adornments, buy only durable Thanksgiving decorations that can be used repeatedly. You can get creative and make your thanksgiving decorations at home. You can purchase cheap tablecloths, wall hangings, streamers, and even real candles for thanksgiving that you can use again.

  1. Embrace Neutral Colors

Let’s leave the colors and excessive lights for Christmas. Neutrals are simply the colors you would typically find in a farmhouse-themed living room, bedroom, or kitchen. They include white, black, subtle tones of brown, blue, or even golden, depending on your taste.

Although neutrals don’t have to conform to any specific color scheme, they do lend a sense of order and cleanliness to your thanksgiving home design.  With so much variation in style, decor, and color, it’s easy to become confused about what kinds of furnishings and accessories will go best with which color schemes.

Neutral colors can often be used as a starting point to create an edgy, minimalist, or even a quiet backdrop for your overall thanksgiving theme. One of the most significant benefits of a neutral color scheme is flexibility. 

Suppose you’re working on a relatively simple decorating plan, such as creating a fun play area for the children on the patio or decorating an outdoor lounge for the adults.  You can choose something off the beaten path and experiment with different mild colors to create subtle contrasts or build a home ambiance that is subtle but useful. This is a great way to branch out from traditional or tried-and-true color schemes and get creative with a design that will work in almost any space.

  1. Use Accent Pieces 

If you’re going for a more sophisticated look in your living room, pay attention to accessories such as furniture, linens, and fabric, lamps, lighting fixtures, etc. You can easily find many of these items in neutral shades or colors that are considered neutral, which should give you a good starting point to build. 

You can then finish your design with just a few touches or accent pieces, depending on your preferences. Be sure to plan this out ahead of time so that you don’t double up on any colors that aren’t neutral and remember to match your walls and furniture colors as well so that everything works together to achieve a cohesive look.

  1. Pumpkin Themed Decor 

The pumpkin theme is scintillating with orange and yellow, and you can bring it all indoors with beautiful fall colors all around. Delight your guests with gorgeous fall flowers like hydrangeas, peonies, sunflowers, acorns, and pumpkin ornaments. 

Decorate with pumpkins and other harvest-themed items such as empty containers and colorful buckets. Don’t forget the recipes, including pumpkin pies, cakes, bread, pies, cupcakes, cookies, and more. 

  1. Entertain Your Guests Outside

If you have a lot of space and live in an area with mild weather, you should consider adding a pergola or gazebo. They are easy to build and add an artistic flair to your garden. The design process is relatively simple. Anyone can construct a high-quality pergola for themselves, even if they have built nothing of this form before. 

This is because the construction process is based on the principle of erecting four pillars, making sure that they are strong, and then joining them with some sort of cover or roofing system. Don’t forget you can always employ the help of professionals if you’re not up to the task. 

If you want to design pergola or gazebo tables for outdoor dining, you need to start by measuring the area you have in mind and finding the most suitable shape. In order for the shape of the pergola to look good, it needs to be proportioned correctly. 


Make your Thanksgiving holiday decorating experience fun and unique by browsing through various holiday decorating themes online. Try making your holiday decorations by buying inexpensive items from craft stores and thrift stores, as well as garage sales and flea markets. When you get tired of one theme, then simply move on to another for the next Thanksgiving gathering.

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