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Ministry of Finance launches a new process model in government financial management





The Minister of Finance, Donald Guerrero Ortiz, led the launch of the Standardized Manual of Payment Processes in the Public Administration and the Manual of Financial Administration of the State, two publications of great relevance for the work of public finances and their normative, functional update and technological.

The launch ceremony was attended by the vice ministers and general directors of the governing body of public finances.

The Standardized Manual of Payment Processes in the Public Administration constitutes a new model of financial management processes valid for all the organs of the Central Administration of the Executive Power and the autonomous and decentralized non-business and non-financial institutions.

It is made up of seven types of processes: Purchasing and Contracting; Registration and Payment of Remuneration and Contributions; Registration and Payment of Basic Services; Payment of the Debt Service; Payment of Current and Capital Transfers; Treasury Payment and the Administration Manual for Executing Units of External Financing Projects (UEPEX).

When presenting the Standardized Manual of Payment Processes in the Public Administration, Tomasina Tolentino, director of Planning and Development of the Ministry of Finance, affirmed that the implementation of this document allows evolving from an approach of recording budgetary-financial transactions to a system that integrates the regulatory, functional and technological aspects of financial management.

“The application of the Standardized Manual will allow having a single model of execution of expenses; reduce the time in the payment and greater efficiency of the processes, which will now be more simplified, ”explained Tolentino.

He reported that the manual was designed by the company LINPICO, based in southern France, contracted with the support of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). The project team was made up of specialists in public financial administration, processes, technology and public administrative law, accompanied by technicians from the Ministry of Finance and its dependencies, as well as ministries and institutions that were selected for the pilot program.

During the activity, the State Financial Administration Manual was also presented, a guide for the knowledge of fiscal work that brings together theoretical, dogmatic and practical conceptualizations, written by officials of the Training Center in Fiscal Policy and Management, as well as by other professionals high-level, national and foreign.

Dr. Ricardo Gutiérrez, consultant and person in charge of the work, affirmed that the Manual is called to fulfill three purposes: to be a general consultation and orientation document for those who direct middle management levels in the financial administration of the State; a text with a comprehensive vision for those who are dedicated to training and an operational text on how the financial administration of the State works, within the framework of public administration, for formal undergraduate, postgraduate and master’s degree courses.

“I assure you that in our Latin America there is no text on the financial administration of the State of this magnitude, due to the breadth and quality of its contents,” said the expert, during the act that took place in the Central Atrium of the Ministry of Estate.

He added that the Dominican Republic has a legal framework, reforms already completed and defined directions that place it at the international forefront in matters of financial administration of the State.

During the activity, the following also spoke: Mariano Escoto Saba, general director of the Training Center in Fiscal Policy and Management, and Zuniel De la Cruz, in charge of the Consolidation Department of the General Directorate of Government Accounting.

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